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How Can I Escape the Darkness of Depression?

September 29th, 2009 No comments

Double-alaskan-rainbowToday, I would like to present a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  It is the topic of depression.  I am sure right now you are asking yourself, “Nan, why should I listen to you about this subject?  Are you a doctor?”  My answer to you would be, “no, I am not a doctor.  I am not going to give you medical advice and you should not view this as such.  You should always seek out a professional for treatment if you are prone to depression.  My only qualification for this is the fact that I have survived depression and I learned what worked for me.  I would like to share the things that helped me.  Then you can make up your own mind.

So, now the choice is yours.  You can click out of this site, or get comfortable and read what I have to say.  From there you can decide for yourself.

I believe there are clinical reasons for being depressed.  I believe that depression can be caused by chemical imbalances.  I also believe in miracle healings from our mind.  Have I lost you yet?  If you are still reading, you must be open for a change.

Which brings me to my first tip.

1.  To get rid of depression, one must take responsibility for their life and be open for a change.  I know you are probably thinking, “who wouldn’t be open for not feeling depressed anymore?”  Believe it or not, some times people feel more comfortable with the feelings of depression than without those feelings.  Deciding to overcome the feelings of depression can leave some people outside their comfort zone.  Often times, people will use the excuse of “I am depressed” to not take responsibility for their problems, choosing to stay in the victim mode.  I mean no offense to anyone, I have been there myself.  The first step to recovering from depression is to take responsibility for your life and desire a change.

2.  Changing our perception.  I have heard people talk about depression as their mind looking for the “click spot”.  What I mean by that is our minds get used to certain feelings almost like a habit.  It is like clicking through the gears until you find that familiar spot.  That could relate back to the chemical imbalance that have been feeding our brains.  If we are used to the feelings of depression, it can feel strange to entertain thoughts of hope and wellness.  In a way, we have to retrain our brains.  We can start by looking for the blessings in our lives.  Set a goal of thinking of 10 things every day that you are thankful for.  The first few days it might seem difficult to find those 10 things.  As time goes on, those 10 things will flow to you.  Get a journal and label it “my blessings”.  Write in it every day.  Instead of dwelling on the feelings of depression, or the negative effects of complaining.  You will start training yourself to look for the blessings and bright spots in your day. Acknowledging the blessings can lift our mood and change the body’s chemicals that are feeding our brains.

3. Learn forgiveness.  I have heard and I believe that depression is anger that is turned inward.  If depression is an issue in your life then chances are there are people in your life that you have not forgiven.  Often times, the one we have not forgiven is ourselves.  I am not trying to down play any one’s pain.  I know many people have terrible things that happen in their lives; rape, murder of a loved one, disloyalty, job loss, financial troubles, etc.  I have experienced a few myself.  Many years ago, my grandmother was murdered in her home.  It sent our family into a tailspin.  She was our family’s matriarch, and to all of us, our trusted adviser.  I can’t express to you the sorrow and anger I felt.  I knew that I would not be free until I could forgive her killer.  When I embraced forgiveness for that person that was responsible for this horrendous deed to her, and to our family, I began to feel free.  I will always miss her, but I don’t dwell on how she passed.

4.  Read self improvement daily.  You will stumble on things that will help you in your quest for a depression free life.  There is so much information available in books and on the Internet.  Learn about happiness.  Happiness, after all, is a daily decision.

5.  Try using some EFT techniques.  EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”.  Our bodies have fields of energy surrounding them.  Sometimes, that energy gets messed up and EFT realigns our energies.  Don’t pooh-pooh it until your try it.  It really helped me.  A wonderful site for this is the World Center for EFT founded by Gary Craig.  They have a free training manual and a very user friendly site.  Carol Look, an EFT practitioner, sends out a great online newsletter every month.  You can sign up for her newsletter and she has a link to her past newsletters.

Depression can handicap your life, if you allow it.  It is like living in a black and white world with a cotton fog surrounding our minds.  Leaving depression is like stepping out into the sunshine into a world that is vivid with color.  It can be the rainbow after the storm.

I would like it if you left me comments and share with all of us how you have handled depression.  Sharing helps others. 

I would like to thank  Eric Rolph for his beautiful picture Double Alaskan Rainbow!


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Life, Happiness and Kick the Can

September 24th, 2009 No comments

kick-the-canToday, when I was checking my email, I came across a great article that really got me to thinking about life, happiness and getting older.  The article was from Nicholas P. Kidd and Henk J.M. Schram who write a delightful ezine with a different slant called Evolution Ezine.  The article is called “The Greatest Advice of All Time.”

When we are children, life is grand.  We have time to play and learn.  Everything seems so brand new and hopeful.  When I was a child, my friends and I put on a lot of plays, rode bikes, and we were truly free to enjoy life. 

This weekend, we had a birthday party for my parents.  My father had his 88 birthday in August and my mother had her 83 birthday in September.  At the birthday party, my grand niece, who is 7 was there.  Have you ever just sat and watched a child play?  They lose themselves in their play.  Their imaginations come alive!  It brought back many memories of my tea parties with my imaginary friend named Laura.  I can see why Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Being a child might be the closest we will get to heaven on this earth.

There is an old black and white episode of the Twilight Zone that takes place in a elder care facility.  All the elderly residents are crippled with their infirmities of age.  Life is not fun for them.  They sit and watch the world go by and just seem to be waiting for the grim reaper to make his visit.  Some of the residents decide to sneak out at night and play “kick the can”, like they did when they were children.  In the morning there are less residents.  The remaining old people start hearing the rumor that the reason there are fewer folks is because those that indulged in “Kick the Can”  are growing younger at night by playing their youthful game.

Children know that life is only a game.  When we grow older is when we forget and start taking ourselves and our lives entirely too seriously.  As adults get so caught up in our careers and our relationships that we forget to play.  We become less animated, less trusting,  and listen less to the divine.  Do we grow old because we forget how to play, or do we forget how to play because we grow old?

I am going to keep this short today because I would really like for you to link over and read their article.  It is very good and very thought provoking.  Click here for their article.

Let’s set ourselves a goal to rediscover the child in us, before it becomes too late.  Goals are important as they are the things that can help keep us on task.  Don’t forget to check out the 7 day Goals Setting course

**A special thank you to Amanda Borders from Amanda Borders Photography for her picture “Kick the Can”.  You should take some time to look at her photo blog site.  She takes the most exceptional pictures of children I have seen.  She seems to capture their very essence in her photos!   She also has great commentary with her pictures  You can visit her site at **

4 Tips on Using Your Emotions to Change Your Life

September 23rd, 2009 2 comments

happy faceThe life we live is dictated by the thoughts we habitually think.  Do you buy into that?  Many people, when they finally accept the fact that their thoughts determine what happens in their life, become overwhelmed by the idea of controlling their every thought.  That is when some people will throw up their hands and say, “This is too hard, I can’t do this!”

I think, a lot of people have had those same thoughts.  How can we go about thinking better thoughts?  As human beings, we were blessed with an emotional guidance system.  We differ from other animals on the planet because we can be proactive and not reactive using this system.  What is an emotional guidance system?

When we habitual think the same thoughts, we, humans, attach an emotion to those thoughts.  For an example, if we are always thinking the thought that we are not worthy of love, that thought is not in alignment with who we are.  When that thought is present, we feel bad, sad, hopeless, etc.  You get the picture.  The feelings that we attach to that thought is our emotional guidance system.  When we are thinking that thought about not being worthy of love the negative emotion is telling us that we are thinking a thought that is not who we really are.  I could give you the spiritual concept for saying that last statement, but let’s approach it from another angle.  If we humans were not worthy of love where would the human race be?  We would not crave social situations and loving interactions with other people. We would not form families, communities and Monday night football parties!  We would be content with the life of a sea sponge.  We would just sit and soak stuff up and not feel anything.

You are probably saying right now, “OK, Nan, I accept that.  How do I change my thoughts?”  Forcing change never gets where you want to go.  Have you ever noticed that when you try to force something it automatically grows stronger?  If I told you not to think of a yellow lemon and how sour that lemon is, what are you thinking about….a lemon?  The more I talked to you about the the bump peel and when you peel it you can smell the citrus aroma of the lemon.  I can tell you to stop thinking about the lemon.  I could shake you and yell into your face “stop thinking about the lemon!”  Are you still thinking of the lemon?  What you focus on grows.  Forcing causes resistance.

Here’s a few tips on how to use our emotional guidance system to change our thoughts.

1.  When you start to notice that you are feeling sad, depressed, or any other negative emotion, stop right away, and think about what thoughts you were having.  When you have figured out what the thought was that caused the negative emotion, ask yourself, “do I really believe that thought or am I letting my mind run a “crash and burn program”.  Are you, for some reason, punishing yourself or do you actually believe what you are thinking.  When we get into a negative loop of thought, our mind will bring up anything to continue that loop until we become completely frustrated or change our train of thought.

2.  Once you have isolated the thought that is causing you to feel bad, can you change it up so you feel just a little bit better?  If we can start moving our mind to better feeling thoughts we can climb out of the self defeating cycle of thoughts.  Compare the two thoughts;  “I hate not having any money.” versus “I am looking forward to when I have more money.”  Can you feel the difference? 

3.  Change the thought by changing your perception.  When feeling a negative thought, is there a way to change the way you view that subject that might produce a better feeling thought? For instances, “My father always criticizes my actions.” versus “I am glad my father loves me enough to tell me when I am behaving poorly.”

4.  Be careful of “I am”, “I have”, and “I always” statements to yourself.  Unless, you want that statement to be true.  Statements such as “I am broke.”, “I have heart problems.”, or “I always pick the wrong type of men to date.”  These are just a few examples.  Using these types of statements speak directly to your subconscious mind and your emotional guidance system.  When you combine that with emotion it is a powerful manifesting combination.

Once you have taken ownership of your thoughts, their responsibility in your life, and combined with understanding your emotional guidance system you are well on your way to manifesting the life you truly want.

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5 Tips on Using Goals to Balance Our Lives

September 21st, 2009 1 comment

wheelMost of us are told we should set goals and  strive to live a balanced life.  What is a balanced life?  Picture in your mind a wheel.  You are the center of that wheel.  Coming out of that center, which is you, are 4 spokes.  Those 4 spokes are spiritual, family, health, and career.  To live a balanced life means having all those areas working equally to balance, or round out your wheel. 

Is a balanced life really possible?  Yes, I believe it is.  When designing our goals we can strive to encompass every area of our lives.  Many people only think of their professional life when they are creating their goals.  The beauty of goals is that they can help us strive for more balance by what we choose to focus on.

Is a balanced wheel always practical?  I know that everyone has periods of their life when their wheel is out of alignment.  Maybe, you are launching a new career that takes time away from family.  Focusing on that launch could, also, take time away from your usual exercise routine, or, maybe, you are working on Sunday and find it difficult to make your weekly trip to church.

Being out of balance for short time is not detrimental to your wheel of life.  At times, it is unavoidable.  But, when a person stays out of balance for extended periods of time, that is when marriages and families encounter problems.  We might encounter a health challenge, or the person out of balance could suffer depression from losing contact with their spiritual wellspring.

A question that should always be seriously considered is, “will this lack of balance, now, bring me closer or farther away from a more balanced life?”  If that time spent with your career eventually brings you more time with God, family and good health, then that would be a wise move.

Every so often, it becomes unavoidable to be moving through life with a wheel that has gotten flat or mis-shapen.  A health challenge, with many trips to the doctor, could leave our professional side of the wheel flat because of  less time and effort.  But,on the reverse side, a health challenge could boost our spiritual side of the wheel in our quest for divine intervention.  It could also bring our family closer as the health challenge might cause us to question what is important to us.

Here are a few tips for helping us strive for our well rounded wheel.

1.  Set goals in all four areas of our lives; spiritual, family, health, and career.
2.  Communicate with our loved ones when we know we will be taking time away from them, such as spending more time on your career.  It is important to communicate your reasons for being away from them.  Without their buy in, the end result could be a great career and more money, but without our loved ones.
3.  Don’t set goals that you aren’t going to do your best to accomplish.  Work at your goals like mad and then re-evaluate how it is going every 90 days.  90 days gives you a chance to get results and get momentum moving on your side.
4.  Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.  The times of our best growth is always outside of our comfort zone.
5.  Grow every month.  Learn something new.  Pursue self improvement.  The only way to become more valuable is to know more.

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Goals – Are you an Antelope or a Lion?

September 17th, 2009 1 comment

african-lion-closeupIn the jungle there have always been two distinct types of animals.  The first type of animal is the grass eaters.  This is the category where the antelopes fit into.  They drift through life drinking, eating and dropping their waste packages across the plains, enriching the soil.  Their droppings are needed to feed the grass that will help the next generation of antelopes to exist.  They wake up in the morning with no particular goal in mind except to graze, drink and exist.

The other type of animal is the carnivore.  The lion is the perfect example.  They wake up every morning knowing that they must hunt to survive.  They know that every day they must make it happen.  They have clearly defined goals and strategies to feed their pride.  They are majestic and a symbol of strength and endurance.

People are not much different in jungle of business and life.  There are the people, like the antelopes, that drift through life without goals or purpose.  They work to provide for their families, but are satisfied with merely an existence.

The second type of people are like the lions.  They have defined goals and objectives.  Their goals and objectives are their way of life.  They wake up every morning knowing that if it is to happen, they must make it so.  They know that they are not the type of animal that can only graze through life.  They have their goals in front of their face every morning.  They live by a credo of “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”  Goals, and their clear mental picture of their successful life, sustain them.  They can’t go through life without them.  The lion people make things happen.  The antelope people are always wondering what happened.

There is a place in society for both kinds of people.  There is nothing wrong with drifting through life like an antelope, if you don’t mind being eaten.  Not everyone has the desire to live a purpose filled life. 

Which animal are you?  For myself, I chose the life of the lion.  I know that life was made for living to its fullest.  I want to leave a mark in this world, a legacy.  Since I want to leave the world a better place because I was here, then I must be the one that makes it happen.  I am not satisfied with drifting though life.  I have had times in my life when I felt I was drifting and only existing.  Those times were not the happiest of my life.  I am happy when I am fully engaged in the hunt of creating my successful life.  I need goals and dreams like the lion needs the high speed chase.

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The Secret Place of Motivation

September 16th, 2009 1 comment

Where is the secret place of motivation?  Why do I refer to it as the secret place?  Many people are searching for it and at times it can be quite allusive.

Sometimes, we feel the need to push ourselves to try and reach the motivation.  But, self motivation is a flow.  It is not something that can be forced.  The forcing causes it to slip away like reaching for a ball in a pool of water that is just beyond our finger tips.

Stephen Pierce has said that motivation is “the fuel in the engine of our lives that helps us to take action on ideas and sustain action when our commitment to succeed becomes challenged”.  But, most people fear that action in the wrong direction can prove to be disastrous.  It must be the right action.  They become consumed by the collection of information so that they can take the right action and thus become immobilized by procrastination.  That is called paralysis through analysis.  That is the biggest enemy of motivation.  The only way to fight that is to take action, even in small steps toward your worthwhile goal.  We don’t have to understand it all at once.  The information will come as we become ready for it.  We have to get beyond that paralysis by focusing on what we are going to do, not what we are going through.

Once you have determined your path of action, in what you have deemed important, brace yourself for adversity.  It will happen.  One of the best quotes I have heard about adversity is, also, by Stephen Pierce when he says, “Adversity is life’s gym where we do strength training to build the type of emotional, mental and spiritual muscle to be the victor over circumstances and not the victim.” 

We would all like to be in that special place where the champions of life reside.  It is a worthwhile place to be.  It also is a place that has to be earned.  To earn that place means doing today what others won’t so you can have tomorrow what others don’t.  When you have made the decision to rise up to the champion place you will be tested by the fires of fear, uncertainty, doubts, critics, and mega distractions.  It will seem that life is hell bent on derailing you!  Anything to try to take you off the path of Big Momentum or Big Mo.

When those things in life take you off the path of momentum, don’t beat up on yourself.  It’s time to dust yourself off and start again.  Re-aquaint yourself with your passion.  Fight procrastination by finding a way to hold yourself accountable.

I have been checking into, Gary Ryan Blair aka the Goals Guy, 100 Day Challenge.  I have read his free Big Bang Report and watched his video.  I am impressed by what I have read and seen.  For those of us that are goal oriented and are dead set on occupying the special place of champions, this 100 day challenge is something we must do!  It has all the earmarks of accountability and focus that is so very important in our quest for excellence.  The 100 Day Challenge will launch on September 23rd but now is the time to do your leg work.  Check into this, read his free report and watch his free video.  Find out if this is something that will help you in your quest.  Be ready to jump on it on launch day.  Now is the time to be in front of the wave that is coming!  Being behind the wave will leave you out to sea watching others surfing that wave of motivation and achievement as you wait for another chance.

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The Mind Viruses that are Killing Your Happiness

September 14th, 2009 No comments

Each of us, whether we choose to believe it or not, are responsible for our own happiness.  Have you ever heard the comment that “happiness is a state of mind?”

Our happiness and success is dictated by the thoughts we predominately think.  If we take responsibility for our own happiness and the thoughts we think, we will be moving in the right direction.  If you are in a position that you are not in a happy place in your life right now, then I have a few tips for you.

1.  What enters our minds repeatedly occupies our minds, but eventually it shapes our perception which shapes our reality.  Our minds absorb and reflects what we repeatedly expose it to.  We are constantly bombarding our minds with the events we attend, what we read, the music we listen to, the TV we watch, and the conversations we have with our family and friends.  What impact is that exposure having on our daily performances? 

2.  Our minds are, also, affected by our daydreams.  Daydreams are not just about warm and fuzzy things such as the next million we are going to make, or the fun we will have on our next vacation.  Many people’s daydreams are vivid mind movies about their debt, what will happen if they can’t make their mortgage payment, or what will happen to them if they lose their jobs.  All of these things shape our mind and become the blue print for our future.  What daydreams are you exposing your mind to on a daily basis?

3.  Not only are we making a deposit every day into the bank of our minds, we are exposing others to our behaviors, conversations, and attitudes every day.  What are we exposing other people to when they look at our behavior?

4.  There has been so much talk recently about the swine flu.  We are concerned about exposing ourselves to the viruses that make us physically sick.  We, also, protect our computers from viruses by buying antivirus protectors.  But what about the viruses of the mind?  They are more plentiful and more dangerous than the virus that attack our bodies and computers.

We live in a 24 hour news cycle.  We hear all the continuous updates about terrorism, bad economy, job losses, health care woes, just to name a few.  90% of what we see on TV and the newspaper is negative.  Negativity sells.  Is it really that important to stay abreast of all that mess?  Being exposed to all the negativity creates a negative view of the world and negative thought patterns in our minds.  If you don’t hear the news today are you in danger of missing that all important world or natural disaster?  I guarantee you, that if something “big” happens you will be told about it. 

The news can be addictive.  We hang on every word as though or world depended on each update.  Well, it does, but not in a way that will help you achieve fulfillment and happiness.

5.  Every day we live with indecent exposure.  No, I don’t mean that little old men are standing on the street corners flashing their raincoats open to show us their shriveled assets.  I am talking about the pollutants of our mind, body and soul.  Those things are; excuses, junk food, procrastination, violence, lack of integrity, inconsistencies, vulgar language and behaviors, fear, worry, lying, and mediocrity.  These are the robbers of our future.

Throughout every area of our lives it’s important to understand that ALL unfinished goals, projects and relationships are the result of broken promises, unfulfilled commitments, and lack of accountability.  Would you like to START doing the things you need to do, STOP doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing and MAKE monumental performance gains that will change your life?  Gary Ryan Blair aka the goals guy has put together an exciting opportunity to change your life with the 100 Day Finish Strong Challenge.  It begins on September 23rd, which happens to be the final 100 days of the year.  He is giving away a free report and video that, in my opinion is worth its weight in gold!  Check it it here!

We are responsible for our own happiness.  We are also responsible for making this world a better place for all of us.  The only way to do this is to be mindful of our thoughts, be vigilant of the viruses that we expose ourselves to, and watch out for indecent exposures.  if we aren’t careful, those shriveled assets may turn out to be our minds.


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