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What is the Key to a Better Job?

July 19th, 2010 No comments

There is a lot of talk these days about socialism and communism making its way into the free enterprise system in the United States.  People are concerned that our capitalistic society is becoming bogged down with entitlement programs, unmanageable national debt, and heavy taxes.  Here’s a shocker for you.   A type of socialism has been alive and practiced freely in many corporations in America for years!

Are you shocked by that? I am not saying that corporations are transferring the ownership of their corporations to the government, even though that has happened in the case of insolvency and the bail out of the auto industry.  I am writing about the idea in corporations that no matter what kind of job you do, either good or bad, you will only be compensated a certain set amount.  The idea that the corporation pays a position, not the person.  The practice of compensation of raises is an across the board certain percentage no matter how good or bad the performance of the individual.

I understand this concept from first hand experience.  I have had my income capped and commissions taken from me because my position can only earn a certain amount.  I have done an exceptional job and increased the earning of the company only to be told at raise time that my raise will be the same as my co-worker who has spent their time finding ways to escape doing the same job.  Can you imagine how this effected my happiness and my willingness to do a good job for this company?

As bad as the last paragraph may have sounded, I have been fortunate, also, to have been involved with a company that rewarded individual initiative.  I believe, people need their individual initiative to be acknowledged and rewarded.  This is the “freedom with responsibility” concept and it’s one of the main difference between the free enterprise system and socialism.

How does a company enhance the performance of its individuals within the company?  I believe, feedback is a key element.  That is not an excuse to heap negative performance issues on them.  If those issues need to be addressed it is always good to keep it professional with a coaching attitude and end the session with what you like about their performance.

Feedback also encompasses the vision of how their job fits into the vision for the company.  People can become very disillusioned with their jobs if they don’t understand how it fits into the company vision.  Even the worker on an assembly line can benefit from expressing to them how their performance impacts the company and the overall company vision.

When a person is hired, there is confidence that they can do the job.  Expressing that confidence and increasing their responsibilities as their performance warrants it is a great way to give a person a sense of pride and accomplishment.  People will take ownership of their performance and do the best job they can if they are given the authority and freedom to do the job to the best of their abilities.

Most job related performance issues stem from lack of communication.  Starting the dialogue is a beginning.  Don’t be afraid to share the vision of where you are going and what role people play in the accomplishment of that vision.

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