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3 Tips on How to Improve Your Team’s Self Esteem

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I have heard more times than I can count, “You get what you expect out of life.”  I have heard people say they don’t expect good things to happen for them.  If they do, they think it will jinx them.  They believe healthy self esteem, somehow it is cocky, ego driven and wrong.

When we are in leadership positions, especially sales, our team’s self esteem is vital in getting the job done.  When people come to us broken down in their self esteem by previous work experience or family issues, it is up to the leader to help them recapture their flagging self esteem.

I know, you are probably thinking to yourself, “I’m not a shrink.”  Or, “why would I hire some who is broken?”  Many times, we don’t know the status of our individual team members self image.  It’s not hard to use bravado to get a job, while inside their low self esteem keeps them from giving the best performance in their career.  I have interviewed people that appeared to have it all together, but after they became part of the team, their low self image was evident.

I believe the worth of an individual, can’t be determined by a psychological test, or any test for that matter.  I have witnessed some of the least likely people to succeed have done some astonishing things!  They have hearts of champions.  Given a fair shot and some good coaching, those that look average and ordinary can become the super stars!

There are several important things the leader can do to help fortify the team self esteem, reach goals, and create winners.  Here are three important tips for building team self esteem.

1.  The leaders can never expect or accept expectations of failure.  Things like “I can’t” has to be weeded out of the team’s vocabulary.  When a team goal is set, it is up to the leader to reinforce their teams expectations of success.

2.  The leader can’t expect what they can’t inspect.  Things such as leaders boards are a big help.  Our team implemented a big white board in the room where the team gathered regularly.  Every one was responsibly for posting their activity on the board for everyone to see.  It made it easy to recognize the people who were making it happen.  It led to better praise, recognition, and healthy competition.

3.  The individuals on the team, and the team, will rise to the expectations the leader sets for them.  The leader always has a better handle on what the team members can do, individually and together, then they know themselves.  Team goals should be attainable with a good healthy stretch to reach them.  Every time the leader sets a goal, and the team reaches it, the team’s self esteem grows.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart.  It is a tough and rewarding endeavor which changes peoples lives.  Leadership, done correctly, can change the self esteem of an individual and their families for generations.

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