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3 Ways to Use Failure As Stepping Stones to Success


lightbulb of successNo one likes to fail.  In a perfect world there wouldn’t be a thing called failure.  Just think, we could go about our day with smiles on our faces and do amazing things because we couldn’t fail.  Is that really true?

Failure is something most people fear.  It is that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.  It makes us feel “less than”.

Failure is only a way to know that something doesn’t work.  If Thomas Edison hadn’t failed when he was working on the light bulb we would all be sitting in the dark with our kerosene lamps lit.  Edison looked at it as he didn’t fail 10,000 times in making the light bulb.  He found 10,000 ways it didn’t work!

The best thing about failure, is if we use it correctly, it will lead us to success beyond belief!  Here are a few tips on turning failures into successes.

Don’t Blame

If you blame someone else for your failure you will never learn from the mistakes that have been made.  When you accept the responsibility for your failure you will know what works and what doesn’t.  When you blame someone else, you are giving your power away and slipping into a “victim” mode.  The only thing being a victim succeeds in doing is continuing to be victimized!

Find the Good

With every perceived failure there is always  elements of success.  You might meet someone new during the perceived failure will make a difference in your next endeavor.    Most of all, you have discovered what doesn’t work!

Failure is like a rainy day.  It might upset your mood, cancel your plans, make muddy footprints on your floor, or just be a pain in your tookus. But, Mother Earth needs the rain to survive and so do we.  It waters the plants that feed us.  It fills the rivers that give us life sustaining water. It is life magic elixir!

Study Your Mistakes

There is no better teacher than failure.  If we take the time to study the mistakes we have made those mistakes become a priceless commodity.  No matter how awful we preceive something to be, there are always seeds of opportunity tucked away like jewels to be discovered.

Don’t waste your precious resource of failure.  Don’t be afraid to fail forward.  After all, it is momentum towards your success!

Please feel free to leave me comments about what you enjoyed in this post.  I will enjoy hearing from you!

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