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4 Different Personality Types – Part 2

October 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

June CleaverWelcome to part 2 of my 4 part series on personality types.  Yesterday, I wrote about the action personality.  I am sure, if you read it, you either saw yourself in that action person or someone you know.  We all know, we are each individual people.  It is not my intention to lump everyone together and say that if you have this trait, you are this personality type.  On the contrary, as we learning and grow in life and embrace self improvement, we become much more balanced individuals.   We develop and have traits from each personality type.   If you are a person who enjoys people or you are in a career position where you need to understand different personalities these 4 part series should be helpful. 

Do you remember my question at the end of yesterday’s blog post?  Have you figured out yet what Oprah and June Cleaver have in common?  What they have in common is that they share the same personality type.  Here’s a little bit about that type.


They are all about relationships.  People, people, people!  People are much more important than things.  They desire lots of friends to share and care with.  Their integrity is very important to them.  They are authentic and unique.  The love helping others become what they can be.  They show emotions easily.  They enjoy flowers, music and romantic movies.

They love to help friends solve their problems.  They are very intuitive and their hunches are known for working well.  They have a large amount of empathy and sympathy for others.  They thrive on recognition and acceptance.

They are very good at motivating people.  They see the possibilities in others and in themselves.  Relationship people are drawn to setting goals and working in careers that involve people.  Always striving for authenticity, they want to become the best person that they can be.  Uniqueness is important, yet they can become chameleon like and shift identities to fit the situation. 

Life is a search for meaning.  Warmth and compassion flow easily and with sincerity.  They value loyalty in their relationships.  Disloyalty is perceived as a sin of epic proportions.  They are imaginative, very creative, and have lots of sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of other people.  When you visit them in their home, it is filled with pictures of loved ones and friends.  Their homes are set up for comfort, yours and theirs.

The challenge that relationship people have is that they would rather make a friend than close a deal.  They feel compassion and empathy so strongly that they have a hard time asking their friends or business contacts the tough questions and chance running the risk of having others become “mad at them”.  This is an area that they will always have to work on and train themselves to be more assertive and not fall victim to the “relationship personality’s” Achilles heal of being “too warm and too giving”.

If you were to ask this personality to accompany you on a trip, the first question they would ask you is, “who’s going?”

Now, do you see what Oprah and June clever have in common?  Relationships people make very good friends, but you may have to share them with others as their talent for making people feel warm and accepted is always in demand.

Tomorrow’s clue:  This personality types believes in_________.

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