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4 Different Personality Types – Part 3

October 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

referee  and penalty flagToday is part 3 of the 4 part personality series.  Have you found your dominate personality yet?  If you have an organization or club, you will want this personality type to be involved.  Everything always runs smoother with their help. 


This personality type values rules, traditions and authority.  They always have a clear idea of what people should be doing.  They want to belong.  They are detail oriented and hard workers.  They enjoy being useful, productive, and a contributor.

The enjoy caring for others and looking out for them.  They are very organized and are always prepared for the future.  They are the planners.  They live by lists and directions.  If they embrace a goal setting system they can become methodical in pursuit of those goals.

They view family and home as the core of society.  They believe it is important to have laws, rules and control.  They are the stabilizing force in any organization.  They are good at being the club secretary and minute keeper.  They make good sports officials and police officers.

Their weakness is stepping out of “the box” and it can be a challenge for them.  It is, also, difficult for them to accept ideas that are radically different and they resist change.  They have a stubborn streak.  They will change when presented with strong practical reasons for the change.  They will need their “special time” to analyze facts.  They love to do research!

They demonstrate their love in practical ways.  If you are in a relationship with a stability personality and you need a toaster, you might get one for Valentine’s Day, instead of chocolates and flowers.  They are always loyal, dependable, punctual, and trustworthy.  Structure and organization is everything to them.  They are the backbone of social systems.  They see hierarchy as vital to society, families and organizations.  They believe any leadership or authority role must be earned.  They have strong urges to conserve, plan and perpetuate.

If they are asked to go on “the trip”, they would jump at the chance to plan the route, make the reservations and plan the itinerary.  They can become easily annoyed by the Action and Relationship personalities for not respecting time lines, rules and the plans that have been made.

I am very lucky to be married to a stability/action person.  I am a relationship/action person and he is my rock.

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