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4 Different Personality Types – Part 4

October 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Albert Einstein Technical personalityThe last 3 days, I have been covering the different personality types.  Today, we are covering the last type.  Keep in mind, a person can have all the characteristics of all the types, but usually, one personality type stands out as the dominate one.  Through self improvement, personal development, and living our lives we can learn to become a better blend of all of these types to make a more ideal and well rounded personality.

If we understand these different personalities and “what it takes to float their boat”, it becomes easier to interact with them.  Better interaction means less misunderstandings.

If you are in sales, this information is very valuable as you have to relate to every personality type in their own way.  For example, if you’re tailoring your sales presentation filled with warm and fuzzy “feeling” type things for a relationships personality, the technical personality is completely turned off.  You have lost them because that’s not how they think.  This is how the Technical personality thinks. 



This personality type is very curious.  They love surfing the net for knowledge, learning new things, and solving problems.  To them, Understanding is fun.  They enjoy puzzles, problem solving and finding solutions.  They enjoy thinking and pondering new situations and problems.  When they are noodling on their newest problem, they can become “lost” to it for long periods of time. 

They like people, but sometimes they don’t understand the unspoken rules of society.  Sometimes, the humor of “the joke” is lost to them.   They work better by themselves where their brains are free to ponder and digest the problem without the interferences of interacting and working with others.

Intelligence, justice and fairness hold a high value for them.  They desire to be correct and do things right.  They value precision and will take whatever time it takes to master the situation or problem.  They are, sometimes, oblivious to deadlines.  It is more important to solve the problem then meet a goal or deadline.  They want to find the solution and let others carry it out. 

They have a calm exterior even if they are in turmoil on the inside.  They believe their brains should manage their emotions.  They believe in order and discipline.  Their work space and their home are spartan in appearance.  Little “homey touches” are not part of their life equation. 

They are analyzers, they like to probe issues, study, invent, investigate and explorer.  They are non conforming and independent, always with a cool exterior.  A nightmare situation for them would be to appear stupid and uninformed.  In their leisure time, if they have any, they enjoy journals, mysteries, or science fiction.  They are always looking for the logical choice.  They are attracted to lines of work such as computer programing, accounting, mathematics, science, or any career that can draw logical conclusions.

A strong Technical personality can be completely baffled by the emotions of the Relationships personality, the impetus nature of the Action personality and staunch abiding of rules and time lines in the Stability personality. 

Asked to go on the trip they would be the one that took care of the research and finding the best tourist spots to check out.  You better believe, there will be a museum or two on the itinerary.  They could serve as a very knowledgeable tour guide after they had done all their research.

Albert Einstein would be a good example of this personality.

The first time I studied this information, I took the quiz and I was a very strong blend of Action and Relationship.  They were a tie for #1 in my personality traits.  I was very low in the Stability and Technical areas.  As time as gone on and I have learned and experienced life, I have become more well rounded in my personality.  I still have the action/relationship blend going for me, but I have learned to incorporate some of the Stability and Technical traits.

If you have learned something from this blog post please feel free to re-tweet.  I thank you in advance.  🙂

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    Clear suggestions for improvement. A good article for youngsters.

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