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5 Ideas on How to Use Praise and Recognition in Your Business

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In my many years of business, I have had many opportunities to visit many different companies.  When I interact with people in corporate jobs, I am always interested to see how much importance their companies put into praise and recognition.  I can always tell by the little tell tale signs around the office and in each individual work area.

The companies that find value in using praise and recognition seem to attract happier people.  In corporate situations, I have seen little notes in their employee’s work stations.  Each time the employee sees that note in their work area they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Not only do they get continuously more from the note, but the other employees see those notes and they would like to get recognized, also.  End result, better moral and more productive people.

Multi-level marketing has latched on to the importance of praise and recognition with a vengeance.  That has been one of their strengths.  MLM’s appeal to people because of it.  When a company doesn’t have employees, but has an army of part time people that are striving to build a business and are living on commission, recognition is the life blood that keeps them going.

Praise and recognition is the nectar to the ears of an employee or team mate.  Used effectively, praise can be used in private but is more effective when used in public for more ears to hear.  Never keep your praise and recognition “under a basket”, as the old saying goes.

Here are a few ideas to use for recognition.

1.  If you are handing out an award, it should always be in a public setting.  Talk a little bit about the award and about the person receiving the award, before handing it out.  An award should never be handed out with just a handshake, no matter how late your meeting is running.

2.  Always recognize a fourth of the people who are attending.  For example, if you have 20 people at the meeting, 5 of them should receive award.  300 people, 75 would get awards.

3.  Be creative with the awards.  Make them tangible and personal.  Awards can be trophies and plaques, or they can be as simple as candy bars, t-shirts, or pens.  Make sure that it isn’t just a few people getting all the awards.  Be creative on the awards to give people that are on their way up a chance.  Always being sincere with the recognition is a must!

4.  Make the time spent on awards as fun as possible.  Play upbeat music before or during the presentation.  Of course, don’t drowned out your speaker!  Make it a time that everyone looks forward to.  It should be the highlight of any meeting or event.  There should be awards at every company meeting no matter how big or small it is.

5.  If possible, have the spouses attend.  Awards are great at company picnics when all the family is there.  Nothing impacts the children more than making their parent a hero in front of them.

Sincere praise and recognition can be the glue that holds a company together,  increasing motivation.  There can never be too much sincere praise or recognition given out.  It can be the highlight of any meeting or function, so have fun with it!

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