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5 Tips for Increasing Happiness

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We live in a post “Secret” world.  Many people feel, to manifest what they want, they must live in a perpetual state of happiness or positive feelings.  Sorry, folks, I think that is just a load of poo.  I know many people in the “self help” arena would be very disgusted with me for what I just wrote.  But, seriously, do you believe that it is possible to be happy all the time?

Let’s look back, historically, at a couple of famous individuals.  First, let’s look at the life and times of Jesus Christ.  Do you believe that he was happy 100% of the time?  Probably not.  There were many things that happened to him that couldn’t possible make a guy happy.  Necessary to go through, but not a happiness inducer.  How about Mother Teresa?  Do you think that working with sick and dying people every single day plastered a grin on her face every morning?  Maybe, maybe not.

Feeling sad or depressed doesn’t automatically label you a failure.  Negative feelings can be healthy.  It helps us better understand the opposite of those feelings.  Do you think we would know happiness for the joy that it is if we had never experienced being sad?  Every one of us will endure something that makes us unhappy; losing someone you love, have a job loss, etc.  Those things are out of our control.  If we push those feelings away, without acknowledging them, they will return with a vengeance.

What we choose to focus on is in our control.  Here are 5 tips to increasing happiness.

1.  If you like something, enjoy it. No guilt, just enjoy it!  I enjoy boating.  I love being on a lake.  I enjoy feeling the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.  I enjoy smelling coconut suntan lotion.  It brings pictures to my mind of many fun and happy times on the lake.  Every chance I get I head for the lake.  Some day, I will live on a lake.  I dream about that day.

2.  If you don’t like something, avoid it. It is perfectly okay to avoid things you don’t like.  I don’t like crowds.  I don’t like standing in line for things.  Perfect example:  women’s restrooms.  Large meeting places must have been designed by clueless men.  There are always lines for the women’s restroom.  Men don’t understand that concept until they have had to wait for their women to stand in a bathroom line (perhaps holding her purse?)  Is it a tough concept to have 2 women’s restrooms for every men’s? Food for thought for the architects out there.

3.  If you can’t avoid it, change it. If I have to get into a crowd situation I try to do things differently.  I avoid drinking a lot of beverages so I can stay out of the bathroom line.  I eat something before I go, thus avoiding the food lines.  I stay in my seat and keep the milling around to a minimum.  Changing what I can to do to avoid what I don’t like increases my happiness.

4.  If you can’t change it, accept it. If I am in a big crowd I don’t focus on what I don’t like.  I look at the advantages of being there.  Some of my best times have been in big crowds; such as conventions, concerts, and parties.  If I spend my time complaining I make everyone around me, and myself, less happy.  I accept it.

5.  Change your attitude. Changing my viewpoint is very important.  All things are seen through the eyes of perspective.  If I go through my life saying and thinking that I hate crowds I would have missed out on those happy times I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Simply changing how I look at those things, and looking for what I like in those situations increases my happiness.

While we can’t be happy 24/7/365, we can increase our happy moments by choosing how we look at situations.  The times that I have been unable to do so, I have learned to let it go.  The best method, I have found,  for releasing unhappy thoughts is the Sedona Method.  If you are interested in finding out more, check out the website and get a free DVD explaining the method.  It is amazing.

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