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5 Tips for Successful Motivation

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Since the dawn of human time, people have been scratching their heads and wondering about .  From the cave leader wondering how to motivate their clan into having the best hunting year, to store up those much needed supplies for winter, to the modern day business person pondering the motivation of themselves and their team to move their business forward.  We all know, to get something accomplished there has to be some motivation involved.

We’ve all had the experience of going to a seminar or convention and after listening to some motivational speakers we come home all jazzed up, ready to conquer the world!  We are excited to rip into our lives or vocation with a renewed vigor.  This time, we are going to make it happen!  But, after a certain length of time we slip back into our usual routine and habits.  How can we get that “convention spirit” to move with us through our lives?  How do we get BIG MOmentum to be with us and play on our team?  Here are 5 things that will attract BIG Mo.

1.  It all starts out with our dreams.  Dreams come from within.  They give us passion.  Dreams become our vision for our lives.  They need to be clear, concise, and emotion driven. What is your vision for your life?  What are you passionate about?  Take time every day to visualize and stoke up the flames of your passion!  Is there room in your vision for others?  How does your vision include those that work with you?  If you want to motivate yourself you will need to see your success, as if it has already happened, in your mind’s eye.  To motivate others, they will need to see themselves fitting into your dream and vision.

2.  The second step to harnessing BIG MO is to believe.  It starts with setting an intention of “this is what I am doing.”  When things are not going right for you that power of belief will keep you moving forward.  The most successful people believe that there is a plan and purpose for their life.  They, also, believe that they are destined for success.  We are all unique people.  We are all designed to bring value to others’ lives.  By using tools like self improvement it is possible to raise that level of belief in ourselves. Growing our knowledge in our chosen field of endeavor increases our level of competency, which increases that belief in ourselves even more.

3.  Take action!  This can’t be stressed enough.  Without action there is no attraction.  When there isn’t continuous action, BIG Mo becomes a thing of the past, if it ever happened at all.  Here is a guideline for action.  If you don’t know what to do, take action.  If you are fearful, take action.  Nothing breaks through to BIG MO more than action.  Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to do stop you.  Get outside the box.  Find out what people need.  Fill that need.  Take risks.  Failure is just another way to know what not to do.  Fail fast, make adjustments, and move on.

4.  Model someone that you view as successful in what you are doing.  Mentor with someone you respect.  Dream big when it comes to who you choose to mentor you.  Follow someone that has already blazed the trail.  Pick a mentor that will hold you accountable.  Then, when you become successful, don’t forget to mentor those coming up.  Have an abundance mentality.  By that, I mean, wanting others to succeed in a big way. Modeling is a huge time saver and the ultimate leverage. 

5.  Have fun!  This last point is very important.  Some people get so wrapped up in wanting success that they stop having fun.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Develop your sense of humor.  Make life and your business fun. A fun atmosphere in the workplace is a breeding ground for creativity.  It creates strong relationships.  A team that plays together, stays together.

Motivation is not a science.  It is fed by a clearly defined passion.  The people that succeed are those that set goals that motivates them.  A motivated person moves the people around them.  Everyone would like to have BIG MO playing on their team.  A plan of action needs goals.  Take action, today, by signing up for the free seven day goal setting course on the right side of this page.  BIG MO and your future will thank you for it.

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    Thanks for letting me know. All the blog posts on this blog are original and come from my experiences in my personal and business life. You might have seen a duplicate on http://www.ezinearticles.com. That is mine also. Those articles are sometimes exact duplicates or close to it. But, if someone is copying me, I hope they at least left a link to this blog post! Thanks for the heads up!

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