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Are You A Genius?


Have you ever heard it said that everyone on this earth has some special talent?  Something that they are a “genius” at doing.  As you ponder that question, take a little over 3 minutes to watch this Youtube video of a pint sized “genius” at work.

OK, now that you are back, wasn’t that amazing the talent that young child possess.  A true gift from the Divine.  Now, let’s rephrase our question, do you believe that you possess a “genius” ability?

Most of us, I would guess, feel pretty average and ordinary.  I believe that everyone of us is unique.  That uniqueness was given to us to enrich our world.  When we discover and pursue our talent, our Divine gift, is when unbelievable things begin to happen.  You might be asking yourself, “What is my unique talent?”

I am fascinated by Albert Einstein.  He is one of the most recognized geniuses of our times.  Did you know that at the University he was considered slow, a day dreamer and a screw up?  Albert Einstein’s wife was also a physicist.  At the University,she was considered much more intelligent than Albert.  Albert could not get a job in his chosen field.  He ended up working at a patents office for one of his relatives.  That doesn’t seem to scream of genius.  Some people would have stopped right there and lived a life of quiet desperation. 

He worked at the patent office and in his spare time he wrote papers.  One day, as he was sitting on a train, daydreaming the idea of relativity hit him.  It took a while after he had written his paper on relativity, the famous E=MC2, to get any acknowledgement of his brilliance.

Many of us don’t see our own brilliance or purpose.  Many times is is cloaked in what we enjoy doing as a hobby or part time pleasure.  You know that you have found your genius spot when you are doing something you truly enjoy and time flies by.  When you are doing your purpose, you have that sense of peace of accomplishing something you enjoy doing, and you do it well.

If you are anything like I was, I had no idea where to find my talents and purpose.  I was unfocused on which direction to go and what to look for.  I found an amazing place to get those answers.  I stumbled across Steve Little and his Perfect Biz Finderwebsite.  I took the free in depth survey and it helped me focus on what I enjoy and what my talents are.  Since then, I have been moving in the right direction and I enjoy all the continued support I get in his emails and videos.  I highly suggest you check it out for yourself!

For your free survey click here! 

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