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Are You Allowing This to Rob Your Success?


Picture this.  You have had a very tough day.  You come home, eat supper with your family and then sit down for a couple of hours of mind numbing tv before you go to bed.  As you channel surf you come across a reality tv show called “Living your Dream.” This looks good so you set your remote down.  All of a sudden you are sucked into the tv and you become one of the contestants just in time to be asked by the moderator, “Who is responsible for your success?”

This scenario might sound a little farfetched, but in our quest for self improvement the question is valid.  Who is responsible for your success?  Most people know in their hearts the answer.  We are responsible for our own success.  We may know the answer to the question, but are we living it?

It is sometimes easy to get confused.  If you are building a business or instrumental for working in someone else’s business it may be easy to fall prey to the age old phenomena of blaming those around us for not having the success we feel we would like to have.  In my years of business development, I have heard many excuses such as;  “my spouse doesn’t support me in my dream, or my coworkers are lazy, or people don’t want to see me succeed.”

First of all, let’s make something perfectly clear.  You, and only you, are responsible for the success of your dream.  Playing the blame game is not only non productive it is a dream killer! Once you take full responsibility for your success you will begin to see the areas you can improve.

Does that mean you do it all by yourself?  No, part of developing your dream is to sell the people that are instrumental in the success of your dream, your vision.

To entice people to get involved with moving your dream forward there must be a WIIFM factor.  WIIFM or better known as “what’s in it for me” is a crucial part of the vision that you relay to others.  Your vision must have a reason for them to want to be involved in your vision.  How will your vision benefit them?  It is crucial to show them how your dream will enrich their lives.

Now, jump back out of that tv, grab your notebook and start making your vision statement come to life!

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