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Bob Proctor – How Do We Change Our Beliefs?

October 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have lived in the Midwest most of my life.  Our beliefs are mostly conservative.  Don’t confuse that with being backward.  That, we are not.  Even though, we stay current on our politics and the happenings in the world, if you are going to start talking about energy and vibration, we might think you are talking about how the new combine shakes when it’s given too much gas.  We, certainly, could embrace the fact that you are probably one of “those people” from one of the “left coasts”.

All kidding aside, it has taken us a little time to accept the concept that all things vibrate.  Each of us, even though we appear solid, are really made up of constantly moving energy.

I think that the Internet, where any information can be found, and movies like “The Secret” have opened a few eyes to this concept. 

But, a concept that I think some people, not just in the Midwest, have a hard time accepting, is that our beliefs are in control of what happens in our lives.  It is a tough concept for some people, because that means they would have to take responsibility for everything that happens in their lives.

Have you ever been in a spot in your life that you weren’t really very happy or fulfilled and you didn’t know how to get past that?  Have you ever been depressed and felt hopeless?  At those moments in our lives it can seem almost overwhelming that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.  It can feel like one more thing is getting heaped on our already fragile state of mind.  But, to really leave that state of mind we have to accept that we are responsible for everything.  By accepting that fact, we begin to look into our belief system and why we are attracting these things that don’t make us happy.

It was very hard for me to accept that I could change my belief system to something that serves me better.  I felt that what I believed, because I believed it, had to be true.  Have you ever felt that way?  But, I found out that what we believe is really only a matter of perspective.  The beliefs that don’t serve us need to be released so we can adopt better serving beliefs.  But, how is that done?

I have a video for you today from Bob Proctor.  It is almost 7 minutes long.  He talks about our belief systems.  Bob is a self made man.  He can speak from experience.  There are lots of good things to be learned in this short video.  You may want to watch it twice.

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Once I accepted the responsibility for my beliefs in my life I was anxious to learn how to start living the life I wanted.  I wanted my dream life!  Have you ever wanted that?  Setting effective goals is the key to that life.  Find out more here.


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