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Bob Proctor – Secret to Success – Part 2

November 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

People who get involved with self improvement, usually, have one of two motivations.  The first motivation is from a feeling of lack.  Pursuing self improvement because they feel they are broken.  They will do anything to “get better” not realizing that they really aren’t in need of repair.  This is the hard road to success, because the road is strewn with the ideas of gurus that want their followers’ devotion.  They believe that we can “find ourselves” by doing incredible strange and harmful things…to “be worthy”.  It  can lead to sweat lodges of death and walking across pits of fire.  Are those things really necessary to “improve”?  What do they prove?  Could it be the gurus feel they need to have us prove something to be worthy of their time?  Perhaps, egos have gone astray and their need for some hero worship could be involved?

OK, now that I have annoyed some of you, it is time to bring up the second motivation for self improvement.  Some of us want more, and the way to get more is to know more.  It has often been said we are a product of our present knowledge and understanding.  If you know what you want, and have the desire to achieve it, find someone that has already accomplished what you want and study and model them.  Finding a coach or mentor can be a faster road to the success you want to achieve.  You can build on a level of achievement you already possess and with personal guidance go beyond to achieve more.

One of the reasons that I like Bob Proctor so much is because he comes to us with ideas of how to improve our lives, not “fix” our lives.  He believes each of us can attain the level of success, of our choosing, if we can define what it is we desire.  He gives lots of free coaching and information because he is a giver.  He encourages all of us to give freely because, “givers gain”.  Do yourself a favor, check out his site and cash in on the free information and “tasters” he has available.  If you are looking for a mentor and coach he, also, has that service available.

Now, here’s part 2 of his “Secret to Success” videos.  Watch for the 3 steps to success.  Don’t forget to pass it on to those that would enjoy it.  🙂

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