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Goals – Are you an Antelope or a Lion?

September 17th, 2009 1 comment

african-lion-closeupIn the jungle there have always been two distinct types of animals.  The first type of animal is the grass eaters.  This is the category where the antelopes fit into.  They drift through life drinking, eating and dropping their waste packages across the plains, enriching the soil.  Their droppings are needed to feed the grass that will help the next generation of antelopes to exist.  They wake up in the morning with no particular goal in mind except to graze, drink and exist.

The other type of animal is the carnivore.  The lion is the perfect example.  They wake up every morning knowing that they must hunt to survive.  They know that every day they must make it happen.  They have clearly defined goals and strategies to feed their pride.  They are majestic and a symbol of strength and endurance.

People are not much different in jungle of business and life.  There are the people, like the antelopes, that drift through life without goals or purpose.  They work to provide for their families, but are satisfied with merely an existence.

The second type of people are like the lions.  They have defined goals and objectives.  Their goals and objectives are their way of life.  They wake up every morning knowing that if it is to happen, they must make it so.  They know that they are not the type of animal that can only graze through life.  They have their goals in front of their face every morning.  They live by a credo of “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”  Goals, and their clear mental picture of their successful life, sustain them.  They can’t go through life without them.  The lion people make things happen.  The antelope people are always wondering what happened.

There is a place in society for both kinds of people.  There is nothing wrong with drifting through life like an antelope, if you don’t mind being eaten.  Not everyone has the desire to live a purpose filled life. 

Which animal are you?  For myself, I chose the life of the lion.  I know that life was made for living to its fullest.  I want to leave a mark in this world, a legacy.  Since I want to leave the world a better place because I was here, then I must be the one that makes it happen.  I am not satisfied with drifting though life.  I have had times in my life when I felt I was drifting and only existing.  Those times were not the happiest of my life.  I am happy when I am fully engaged in the hunt of creating my successful life.  I need goals and dreams like the lion needs the high speed chase.

I have been studying the free special report from Gary Ryan Blair, aka The Goals Guy, called “How to Create the Big Bang”.  It is part of the information that he provides during the count down to the start of the 100 Day Challenge which begins September 23rd.  There is so much great information in this free report.  I took his Big Bang Effect Test and I found the results inspiring.  If you are a lion and you are looking for ways to explode your purpose driven life, I suggest you check out his site, download his free report, watch his videos, and get in line for opening day on September 23rd.  Once you are signed up, he sends free videos, etc. to your email almost every day.  So, I ask you, if you could make a quantum leap in your success in 100 days would you do it?  After all, when it is all said and done, and you are taking the big dirt nap would you like your tombstone to say, “here likes a stud” or “here lies a dud”.  The choice is always ours to make.

For all of you majestic lions out there, make sure you get signed up for our free 7 day goal setting course.  It is delivered every day for a week right to your email box.  No muss, no fuss.  It is the best tool to put in your tool box for “making it happen”!  Click here! 

Our legacy and the Picture Puzzles of our Life

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Today, I was reading Jon Gordon’s newsletter.  Jon is the author of the Energy Bus and his new book, Training Camp, among others.  The theme running through his newsletter is about leaving a legacy.  Jon says, “I’ve been encouraging everyone to think about the legacy they want to leave because knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live and work today.”  Leaving a legacy is very important to most of us.  Not only do we want to live a life of value with purpose, but we want to leave something that our children and their children can look back on with pride.  A life that was lived with mentoring lessons woven in the fabric  of our life.   Designed to leave foot prints on a road map in which to follow to help them with their purpose driven life.

Jon uses an anology of running a relay.  Jon talks about knowing what the baton is in your life that you are wanting to pass.  I agree with that.  An analogy that holds meaning for me is a big picture puzzle.  When my mother was in the hospital our entire family gathered at the hospital like most families do.  Because of the critical nature of her condition at the time, we could only spend 10 minutes of every hour with her.  We had lots of time to do the jigsaw puzzles in the waiting room.  Thank goodness, they were all in the original boxes!  Without those boxes, we wouldn’t have know what the puzzle should look like when it was completed.

Our lives are like those puzzles.  There are hundreds of pieces to put together to make it work.  If we don’t have a picture in our minds of what we would like our lives to look like, just like a puzzle without the box, we will be faced with hundreds of pieces that we have no idea how they fit together. 

It is important that we have a vision for our lives.  We need to know what a successful life means to us. Do you know what accomplishments you feel are important to the purpose of your life?  If we can see that picture with our mind’s eye, it makes our decisions easier when we are holding that puzzle piece in our hand that is all black with just a little patch of sky on it.  One piece at a time we will create the masterpiece of our life!

As baseball great and team manager, Lawrence “Yogi” Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else!”

Are You A Genius?

July 16th, 2009 No comments

Have you ever heard it said that everyone on this earth has some special talent?  Something that they are a “genius” at doing.  As you ponder that question, take a little over 3 minutes to watch this Youtube video of a pint sized “genius” at work.

OK, now that you are back, wasn’t that amazing the talent that young child possess.  A true gift from the Divine.  Now, let’s rephrase our question, do you believe that you possess a “genius” ability?

Most of us, I would guess, feel pretty average and ordinary.  I believe that everyone of us is unique.  That uniqueness was given to us to enrich our world.  When we discover and pursue our talent, our Divine gift, is when unbelievable things begin to happen.  You might be asking yourself, “What is my unique talent?”

I am fascinated by Albert Einstein.  He is one of the most recognized geniuses of our times.  Did you know that at the University he was considered slow, a day dreamer and a screw up?  Albert Einstein’s wife was also a physicist.  At the University,she was considered much more intelligent than Albert.  Albert could not get a job in his chosen field.  He ended up working at a patents office for one of his relatives.  That doesn’t seem to scream of genius.  Some people would have stopped right there and lived a life of quiet desperation. 

He worked at the patent office and in his spare time he wrote papers.  One day, as he was sitting on a train, daydreaming the idea of relativity hit him.  It took a while after he had written his paper on relativity, the famous E=MC2, to get any acknowledgement of his brilliance.

Many of us don’t see our own brilliance or purpose.  Many times is is cloaked in what we enjoy doing as a hobby or part time pleasure.  You know that you have found your genius spot when you are doing something you truly enjoy and time flies by.  When you are doing your purpose, you have that sense of peace of accomplishing something you enjoy doing, and you do it well.

If you are anything like I was, I had no idea where to find my talents and purpose.  I was unfocused on which direction to go and what to look for.  I found an amazing place to get those answers.  I stumbled across Steve Little and his Perfect Biz Finderwebsite.  I took the free in depth survey and it helped me focus on what I enjoy and what my talents are.  Since then, I have been moving in the right direction and I enjoy all the continued support I get in his emails and videos.  I highly suggest you check it out for yourself!

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