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Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

January 9th, 2010 1 comment

noah st johnI have worked for over 20 years with new entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and small business owners.  One of the things that most of them have in common is their desire to set goals and move ahead in their lives.  Many of them embrace self improvement as a way to better themselves.  Not because they are broken, but to learn more about themselves and success tactics they can use to have the life they want to live.  One of the things that many people try is a tactic called affirmations.

Have you ever used affirmations?  Did they work for you?  We follow all the instructions; we make them in the present tense, we use emotions until we are practically shouting in the shower, etc. and still they don’t seem to have an effect.  People will, at this point, stop using them and if asked they will say, “oh those silly things!  I tried them, but they really didn’t work for me.”

Could it be that our minds don’t really believe what we are trying to force into that warm, squishy, gray matter?  Are you open to a different way to look at affirmations?  Perhaps, afformations would work better?

I have an 8 minute video from best selling author, coach and trainer, Noah St. John.  He is the author of books such as; The Secret Code of Success, The Great Little Book of Afformations, and Permission to Succeed.  You can also check out his website where you can click on the home button and learn more about Noah St. John.

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The Stories of our Lives

August 19th, 2009 No comments

I was sitting on my deck the other day.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather was not our usual Midwestern August heat and humidity.  A cold front had moved in, and all of God’s creatures, including me, were enjoying the best of what life has to offer.
A friend of our family stopped over to see us.  I hadn’t seen him for awhile.  My first question was, “how are you?”  He proceeded to tell me what maladies had befallen him.  As I listened, I was reminded of what I have learned about how we all tell our stories. 

We all have our stories.  We tell them over and over again.  Our stories become our lives.  They are what we tell ourselves and others about us. Often times, as was the case with my friend, we allow ourselves to tell stories about failing health.  Sometimes, we talk about our lack of money, or a relationship gone bad.  This can be more damaging to our health and success than anything else we do.  We can torpedo our success with our story.

Our subconscious mind is the non thinking part of our brain.  Even though it doesn’t “think”, it runs our entire lives.  It is the “manifesting depot” of our lives.  Every train of thought that you have repeatedly goes through that depot and becomes form in the physical world.  Literally, “thoughts become things”. 

Since our subconscious mind is the non-thinking part of our brain, it accepts everything we feed it without judgement.  If you tell your subconscious that, “I have gout”, like my friend was telling me, your subconscious doesn’t question or judge that thought.  It just does its job and makes sure that your body has gout.  He was telling me, also, that he was being tested for arthritis and that it runs in his family.  He has probably been having repeated thoughts about his “family’s illness”, maybe all his life, and that it will probably befall him too.  Guess what is being ordered up on his plate of physical ailments….arthritis!

I am not making any kind of a judgement about our conversation and what he had to tell me.  Unless, we are very vigilant about what we are thinking and saying, we could all have similar conversations.  It is very easy to fall into this type of a conversation.  We are bombarded every day with commercials on tv about every disease known to man and some not known until they tell us about them.  These commercials want to sell us the current “wonder drug” available.  We hear of these things over and over again until we develop the need to use their wonderful new inventive drug.  New drugs are being invented almost daily.  If these wonder drugs are working so well, why are we still getting sick?

We can see how 40 years of food commercials have impacted our society.  80% of the population is corpulently endowed.  Every day our manifestation depot is being bombarded with trains of thought that are sickening us, making us fat and depressed. 

How can we redirect those trains of thought before they hit the station?  Be vigilant on what perilous thoughts you may be thinking.  Be wary of “I am”, “I will”, “I have” statements unless you would like to have or be what those statements say.  Say or think them enough and you are guaranteed to believe them.  Once you have incorporated those thoughts into your belief system they are yours forever, unless you change that belief.  A belief is only a thought that has been focused on and repeated with emotion many times.  Those repeated thoughts are actually affirmations.  You are affirming your bad health, your lack of money, your failed relationships or what ever you tell yourself over and over again.  Make a point to develop life enhancing affirmations.  Change those “I am “, “I have”, and “I will” statements so they affirm your success, your great relationships, and the abundance of money in your life.

When your friends starts to talk about their illnesses or their latest misadventure, don’t chime in with an agreement.  Even worse is to be companionable and start talking about your own “stuff”.  Your subconscious is like a very young child who doesn’t think or understand what they hear and see.  Whenever a small child sees someone they admire doing anything, they will repeat it.

By the time we have reached our adult life we have formed many habits that we have put on automatic pilot or self running programs.  If these programs aren’t working for us, it is time to take charge of what we are doing, thinking, and saying.  It is time to reprogram our lives for what we want to accomplish.

I have mentioned John Kehoe before in my blog posts.  He is the author of Mind Power Into the 21 Century.  He has spent his entire life researching the mind.  I have a link for you to one of his articles on the subconscious mind.  He has written a series of articles about this topic that you will find in the same location.  They are understandable and fascinating.  I encourage you to read these articles. 

It is never too late to change our story. There is always time to make them success stories. That’s what you really want, isn’t it?  I would love for you to leave me a comment about your success stories or what you have learned about your story.

Using Affirmations and Visualizations to Get What You Want

July 17th, 2009 No comments

If you have found your way to my blog, you must be “in to” self help, self improvement and personal development.  Or, you are my friends and family checking out what I am up to today.  Either way, I am glad you are here!

If you are a person who enjoys self improvement, you have no doubt heard about affirmations and visualizations.  Our goal with self improvement is to better or “enrich” our lives.  I am sure that you have discovered that you are happier, healthier and are better at manifesting your dreams and goals if you thinking positive thoughts.  It keeps you in a positive vibration.  Since everything is energy and everything vibrates, we will attract positive things if we are vibrating in a positive way.

Some people will tell you that “thinking positive” is a bunch of bunk.  But, have you ever met someone that dwells in the negative all day long?  Are they happy?  Are they prosperous?  Are they manifesting their dreams and goals?  I would say no to all of the that.  So, if we know that thinking better thoughts gets us what we want, how do we go about doing that?  This is a very negative world.  Negativity sells.  Being involved in negativity can be like watching a car wreck on the side of the road.  Some how, our heads keep swiveling in that direction.

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  How can we use our imagination to create the world we want?  The best way is through affirmations and visualizations.  Here are a few tips on making powerful affirmations and visualizations.

Your Affirmations and Visualizations Should Be in the Present tense Only

The most powerful aspect of our mind is our subconscious mind.  It runs the show!  That is where our beliefs are stored.  “What we see and believe we will achieve.”  Getting to our subconscious mind can be a bit tricky. It doesn’t think things out, it just runs the programing you have installed in it. 

To reach your subconscious mind with affirmations and visualizations you must word it in present tense such as, I am so happy and grateful that money now comes to me in abundance from multiple streams of income evey day.  Notice the present tense of “I am” and “now:.

Use Words Your Subscious Can Relate To

For instance, many people use the word “flow” when they are using an affirmation regarding money.  Your subconscious might not relate to money as flowing.  It relates to rivers and streams flowing, but money? 

Another area that affirmations and visualizations can become ineffective is if you are trying to affirm something that is too far outside of your subconscious beliefs.  If you are only making $25,000 a year, it might be very hard for your subconscious to believe when you tell it you are making one million dollars this year.  Your affirmation must be believable to your subconscious or it will throw it out.  It won’t matter how many times you hammer it with your affirmation, if it is too outside the realm of possibilities your subconscious will turn a deaf ear to it.  Instead, you could use a challenge of $50,000 or $75,000 this year.  If a million dollars a year is your goal start out a little smaller and build up to it as you achieve your monetary goals.  You will intuitively know when your are shooting too high because your conscious mind says, “no way, I don’t believe that.”

My husband always tells me that “men think in pictures” which is true for everyone.  If you want to reach your subconscious mind to have it help you get what you want, pictures are an excellent way.  I have always believed in dream boards or vision boards.  They should be where you will see them several times every day and can ponder the images on that board.  This may sound odd, but our dream board is in our bathroom right in front of the toilet.  It is a great way to multitask!

I spend a lot of time on the computer, as you can imagine.  I have stumbled across something that I am excited about.  It is called Mind Movies.  It is a way to design your very own visualization mind movie that you can view as many times a day as you want.  It is filled with your images, your dreams, and your goals.  Wow!  How powerful is that?  They have even invented a way to run it in a subliminal manner so your subconscious can be accessing it even when your conscious mind is working on other projects.  It is amazing.  I know when I look at my mind movie it pumps me up!  They are even giving way free 6 premade mind movies that you can download and try out it out for yourself!  Check it out here!
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