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Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

January 9th, 2010 1 comment

noah st johnI have worked for over 20 years with new entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and small business owners.  One of the things that most of them have in common is their desire to set goals and move ahead in their lives.  Many of them embrace self improvement as a way to better themselves.  Not because they are broken, but to learn more about themselves and success tactics they can use to have the life they want to live.  One of the things that many people try is a tactic called affirmations.

Have you ever used affirmations?  Did they work for you?  We follow all the instructions; we make them in the present tense, we use emotions until we are practically shouting in the shower, etc. and still they don’t seem to have an effect.  People will, at this point, stop using them and if asked they will say, “oh those silly things!  I tried them, but they really didn’t work for me.”

Could it be that our minds don’t really believe what we are trying to force into that warm, squishy, gray matter?  Are you open to a different way to look at affirmations?  Perhaps, afformations would work better?

I have an 8 minute video from best selling author, coach and trainer, Noah St. John.  He is the author of books such as; The Secret Code of Success, The Great Little Book of Afformations, and Permission to Succeed.  You can also check out his website where you can click on the home button and learn more about Noah St. John.

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