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What Role Does Imagination Play in Our Life?

December 3rd, 2009 3 comments

Did you realize that everything you see in your physical world first started out as something in some one’s imagination?  The computer you are reading this on.  The car you drive.  The clothes you wear.  Even in the world of nature, would it make sense that all of it, including us, was first in the imagination of the divine?

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein.  He said,Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. That is a powerful statement from a brilliant man with a immense imagination.  I watched a biography on the History Channel about Albert Einstein.  Early in his life, he was considered a “failure”.  He had trouble in school.  His grades were not good.  When he graduated from the University, by the skin of his teeth, his desire in life was to teach at a University.  He was considered unacceptable for a University job because he had trouble with authority figures.  In today’s world, he might have had a label pasted on him such as ADD.

Opportunity often comes dressed as failure or adversity.  In his case, he had to take a job at the Patent Office that his relative owned.  The opportunity for him was that he had time to sit on his stool and use his imagination.  He dreamed of what it would be like to race along side of a beam of light.  When he rode the street car he imagined it racing at the speed of light.  He questioned what traveling at the speed of light would do to the concept of time.  Albert Einstein is now considered one of the most well known and respected geniuses that ever roamed the planet!

What role does imagination play in our life?  Napoleon Hill says, “If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it.”  Our imagination resides “outside the box”.  Many of us grow up being taught that we need to stay in the “box”, which stifles the imagination.  Most of our educational systems are not structured for the child who is “outside the box”.

Our imagination will not be denied.  If we don’t take control of this precious asset, it will find a way to emerge in our lives.  It can appear as negative thoughts and scenarios in our minds.  Left to its own devices without proper management, our imagination can fall into the clutches of habitual hypnotic rhythm (see Napoleon Hill – Part 13).  It can paint a rather dismal picture for us.  Our imagination, strengthened by emotions has direct access to our subconscious mind which will set into motion the events to accomplish what our imaginations has pictured.  No questions asked. The subconscious doesn’t have a sense of right or wrong or whether you really want what you have imagined to happen in your life.

What is the harm of imagining what it would be like to race beside a beam of light?  Let’s use visualization to create the life we design.  A good visualization tool can get us on the right track until it becomes our nature to control our thoughts.  Two of the best I have found are, Mind Movies where you actually create your own mind movie to watch on your computer every day.  They give you 6 generic mind movies which you can download to try out for free.  When you purchase the Mind Movie package, the workbook that comes with your Mind Movie package walks you through the process every step of the way and digs deep into what you really want in your life.  If you prefer audio, the Relaxations for Wealth could be a good fit.

For your viewing pleasure and food for thought, I have included this 6 minute clip “The Death of the Imagination”  from the movie “Six Degrees of Separation”. Feel free to pass this blog post on to others.