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How Do I Deal With All the Stress in My Life?

December 9th, 2009 No comments

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There will always be stress in our lives.  Stress can be good or bad.  Most people would say, “I don’t know of any good stress in my life!”  Ah, but there is positive stress which takes the form of excitement and anticipation.  I think we would all agree that kind of stress is a good.  But, on the flip side of that coin, the stress that is not good for us is responsible for 90% of the health challenges that plague our society.  It has grown to be the #1 health problem facing our country today.  Would you agree that stress holds us back from complete enjoyment of life?

Each one of us has a unique way that our stress manifests in our bodies.  We develop headaches, stomach aches, increased heart rate, grinding our teeth at night, just to name a few.  Continued stress can do permanent damage to our body in the form of heart conditions and cancer.

Where did stress come from?  Stress was originally designed to be our fight and flight response that kept us out of the way of danger.  It took care of us and helped us survive.  We don’t face as much danger, in this day and age, where we would need to fight our way out of it or run away.  We have now transmuted those responses into the form of anger and fear.

How each of us deals with stress is a learned response.  Our response to stress is taught to us by our families, friends, and from past experiences and beliefs.  Since, how we deal with stress is a learned response, wouldn’t it make sense that we could learn a different tactic that would be healthier for us?

Here are a few ways to change our negative patterns of reaction…aka stress habits.

1.  Meditate daily.  Meditation is an amazing tool to alleviate stress.  It is easy to learn and can be used any where you don’t have to be alert.  Driving in your car meditating is never a good idea.  Meditation relaxes.  It is physically impossible to be stressed when we are relaxed.  Meditation has many health benefits attached to the continuous practice.  Here is a link to a site I trust and that helped me learn meditation.

2.  Stop thinking about what you don’t want to happen.  People get confused thinking that they aren’t manifesting.  Manifestation is not the problem.  We manifest all day long.  We can’t help ourselves.  We manifest the breakfast we have, the coffee we drink, the clothes we wear.  The problem is that we aren’t manifesting what we think we want.  We make this a lot harder than it really is.  If we would occupy our minds with what we want and not entertain those thoughts of what we don’t want, our manifestations would be the things we want in life.

3.  Take control of ourselves.  Stop thinking that something outside of us is what makes us happy or sad.  We are the ones that choose to attach those emotions to events.  Nothing outside of us has the ability to make us happy or sad.  It is us that applies the label or perception to what happens in our lives.  We can start to change this by recognizing the thoughts we are thinking.  Where in the body are we feeling the stress?  When we start to feel the stress, stop and pinpoint what our fear is.  Imagine ourselves as being OK and after the situation is over, no matter how bad it is.

These are just a few things you can do to learn to deal with negative stress in a more positive way.  I have included this 6 minute video for your enjoyment and to relieve some stress with some good old fashion humor.  Feel free to pass this on to your network of people.

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Napoleon Hill – Success Principal #11 – Creative Vision

November 30th, 2009 2 comments

The human species is an amazing being.  We possess the ability to think and create.  When I was in school and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was taught that the reason the human was so adapt, and had moved to the top of the heap in the evolutionary pile, was because of our opposable thumbs.  H-m-m, I know monkeys have opposable thumbs, but unless you are a Planet of the Apes fan, monkeys may have been put in space capsules to orbit the earth, but they didn’t create the technology to build the capsule.  Could it be there is more to this creative thing?  Napoleon Hill’s Success Principal #11 is going to discuss our imagination and our creative vision.

Some people, including Napoleon Hill, believe that our subconscious mind is attached to the Universal mind.  Some even call our subconscious the Universal mind.  No matter what you believe about that particular subject, you can’t deny that somehow we have the ability to create.  Napoleon Hill, in this video, discusses the 2 different kinds of creative vision.  If you believe that humans have the ability to create, how do we, personally, tap into that creative mind?  Here’s a few tips that might prove helpful to you in your quest for success.

1.  Spend some time each day in mediation.  If you don’t know how to meditate, learn something about it.  Closing your eyes and counting your breaths can be very calming.  By becoming quiet and taking our minds off our daily routines allows our creative juices to flow.

2.  Take a leisurely walk in nature.  Exercise, fresh air, and nature stimulates our ability to get outside box in our thinking.  The bonus to this method is that it is also very good for our overall health and nourishes the brain cells.  Making them ever ready when you want to call upon the creative you.

3.  One way that works for me is to put on some soothing music such as classical, get comfortable in my favorite chair, close my eyes, breath deeply and concentrate on the music.  I allow my mind to flow with the melody.  After about 10 minutes, I feel refreshed and most often I have accomplished getting in touch with the creative me.

4.  Mastermind with others is a great way to take the lid of the creative bottle.  Be careful in your choice of mastermind participants.  Someone with another agenda can put a dam in the creative flow.

5.  Set a goal to spend some time writing.  A habit of writing in a journal is good, but sometimes just writing random thoughts can lead to some interesting and creative things.  It lets your mind run free.  A word of warning, don’t restrict your thoughts.  Write them all down no matter how stupid and meaningless you feel they are.  When you write them all down you are telling your mind that you accept whatever it wants to give you and it will release all its creative thoughts without fear of judgment.

Napoleon Hill is going to give you 6 minutes of wisdom about your imagination in this video. If you like it, pass it on.

Secrets of Meditation

August 13th, 2009 No comments

Five years ago, I had reached a pivatol point in my life.  I had let my life get out of control and I was sucked into a vortex of unhappiness.  My stress levels had gotten to epic proportions and I began to show physical symptoms of anxiety and stress and became very ill with a heart condition.  How had I let things get that far?

I didn’t have proper coping skills in my toolbox of life.  I had not set adequate boundaries. The list goes on and on.  I don’t know if you have ever been in a position like that in your life.  I had to decide to change or die.  I embarked on a quest for answers in my life.  I had also started a journey to discover wellness. 

I didn’t know much about meditation.  I felt guided to check into it.  The only thing I knew about meditation is that hippies in the 1970s meditated.  A town close by had been formed for the purpose of bringing people together that to do Transcendental Meditation.  That was the end of my knowledge of meditation.  As luck or destiny would have it, one of my sisters who took care of me when I was ill, told me she meditated.  That was enough for me.  I was going to research this. 

I stumbled across a gentleman by the name of Matt Clarkson.  He has a site called Secrets of Mediation.  I took his free course which I highly recommend.  It got me started.  His meditations helped me with my stress management and were very calming for me.  I love his British accent and his soothing voice.  I can’t say that I have become a mediation junky and moved to Fairfield, Iowa, but it definitely put me in touch with the inner me and I began the journey to wellness with meditation as one of the tools I use.

I continue to use meditation.  I use it to solve problems, re-energize, visualize, get in touch with my creative self and relax. I can’t say enough about it.  I feel that it was instrumental to my full recovery. 

I have an article from Matt about the benefits to meditation.  I encourage you to read it and if you are new to meditation, take his free course.  Whatever your level of expertise in meditation may be, definitely check out his website.  Matt has something for every level of experience in mediation. Enjoy!

“5 Little Known Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation”
By Matt Clarkson
Author of “Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation”
Secret #1:
The True Purpose of Meditation
Many people feel a sense of fascination when confronted with the
possibility of mystic visions, psychic intuition and heightened
mental functioning.  While meditators often report these sorts of
improvements, these experiences should not be the primary reason
for practice.  The purpose of meditation is to bring us back to
As we become healthier, happier and realize greater
self-awareness, the other benefits of meditation begin to follow
naturally — improved mental functioning, greater intuition as
well as greater access to unconscious resources and abilities.

Secret #2:
Distraction Does Not Equal Failure
Meditation is not work in the sense that you have to “force”
yourself to concentrate completely for long periods of time.  If
we consciously try to prevent thinking, it’s going to have a
negative impact on the meditation.
Instead, whenever we become lost in thought or confusion, we
simply acknowledge those thoughts and then gently return the
attention to the object of the meditation.  We do this as many
times as distraction or thought occurs.  Eventually, the mind
becomes calmer and discursive thought begins to slow.

Secret #3:
Insight Alone Is Not Enough
Insight alone will not transform our lives.  Meditation is likely
to help us by giving us larger perspectives and increasing
clarity of thought.  But although our sense of inner guidance
might become stronger, unless we ACT on that guidance, we will
never manifest the changes we truly want in our lives.
This doesn’t just mean we need to take action in our outer world,
for example, having an honest conversation with a friend or
paying a bill.
It also means we must actively request the assistance of the
unconscious in a clear and persistent way.  When you do that, as
I teach in “Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation,” you
find yourself magnetically drawn toward your dreams with an
irresistible impulse.

Secret #4:
Learn To Let Go
Once you have made your request, it’s important that you let go.
Don’t be concerned with HOW you’re going to get what you truly
want in your life.  Needing to know how can hamper the process of
making it manifest in the outer world.  Learn to trust your
Some changes — perhaps all of them — will happen automatically.
I have personally found that many of my destructive habits simply
dropped away with minimal conscious effort.
For me, this was achieved not by self-discipline and will power,
but rather a “letting go” and a realization that spiritual growth
is a natural process powered by parts of ourselves that know more
than we can understand consciously.
As we let go consciously and receive more input from these parts,
we learn to trust this feeling, this feeling that we are in safe
hands and that something amazing is about to happen.

Secret #5:
For more tips and secrets, get the full Meditation E-Course here:

Want to quiet the mind, supercharge your energy level & manifest
what you truly desire in life? We’ve created a free audio e-course
with meditation techniques to get you started. You’ll get guided
meditations to help you transform your life from the inside-out.
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