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Is a Positive Attitude Really THAT Important to A Team?

September 10th, 2010 1 comment

The other day, I was browsing through a catalog and I ran across a sign that said, “the beatings will continue until morale improves”.  A little  bit of tongue in cheek humor.  Or is it?  It got me thinking about the two different management styles; positive versus negative.

Many managers make the mistake of passing on their frustrations, problems and disappointments to those who work for them.  They may be naive, or terribly misinformed, if they believe that people will work harder when they have had a good butt chewing.  They may also believe that if they, the manager, gets chewed out by the higher ups, they should be able to pass that frustration down to the people on their team.  It’s only fair, right?  This ideology is far from the truth.

There is nothing more demoralizing to a team than to catch their leader’s bad attitude.  Face it.  When a leader shows hurt, frustration, and disappointment, that attitude will pass down to their team like a cancer, rotting away all goals and  possible productivity.

People will not follow, long term, a negatively charged individual.  A negative leader will always drain the team’s battery.    The leader will be plagued by people problems.  Before long, the moral will be in the dumpster, and the team will avoid the leader.  The team will know they don’t feel good when they are around the leader.  It is never possible for a negative leader to have a positive team.

A positive leadership trait is to always pass nothing but positive things down to their team.  A leader can never, ever, show hurt.  They must always strive to stay positive.  I have heard the excuse, “but, I don’t feel positive all the time”.  Here’s a newsflash…no one does.  We all have our down days.  When suffering from a down day, it is best to either change how you are feeling, or get away from the team. The team wants, and needs, to hear how excited their leader is about the business and how great they feel about the future.  People need to feel excited and motivated and the leader sets the pace.

If a person finds themselves leading from the negative side, consciously becoming aware of what is being said around the team is the first step.  After realizing what is said, the next step is to change the attitude.  To change our attitude we must first change our state.  I am including a Tony Robbins 7 minute speech about changing your state. It goes hand in hand with today’s topic.  Enjoy!

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Tony Robbin – How to Develop Your Goals and Action Plan for 2010 – Part 2

December 14th, 2009 No comments

tony-robbins2The year 2010 is rapidly approaching.  As 2009 wanes, it is natural to become more reflective about what we did or didn’t accomplish.  It is a time to review and revise our goals for that jump start into 2010.  It is a time to sit down in front of that blank piece of paper and catalogue our accomplishments and to be honest about those things that could have gone better.  It is not a time to beat up on ourselves for self proclaimed “failures”.  That would be self defeating.  We can use failure as a great way to correct our course of action. A quote from Winston Churchill comes to mind, “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

As we reflect on our present year and revise our game plan for 2010, it is important to launch our revised plan of action immediately.  We loose momentum by waiting any length of time to start the revised plan.    It is imperative to take the first step of implementation, now.  Why?   Because, the power is in the now.   The first step is the hardest.  It is like trying to push a stalled car.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy to get the 2000 lbs auto to budge. We push and push until we finally start to get some forward movement.  If we keep the energy focused on pushing the car, we will soon find ourselves racing to keep up with the rapidly moving vehicle.  That is the power of momentum!

Today’s video is part 2 of Tony Robbins “The Power of Momentum”.  This 5 minute video will give you some insight on moving forward with strength.  If you like it, pass it on.

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Tony Robbins – How to Develop your Goals & Action Plan for 2010

December 13th, 2009 3 comments

Tony RobbinsWe are in the throes of a very busy holiday season.  Most of us are busy individuals, without the extra hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Before we know it, the new year, 2010, will be here.  Have you had an opportunity to sit down and decide what your 2010 is going to look  like, in all areas of your life?  Most of us will say “no”, I haven’t found the time to do that. To be honest with you, you will never “find” the time for developing your goals and action plan.  You will have to “make” the time for this important goal setting endeavor.

Making our famous New Years resolutions doesn’t hinge on something magical happening at the first of the year that helps us keep them, or break them.  Starting a new year with goals and an action plan is like looking out at a new field of snow, crisp and clean, where no one has walked before, and blazing your trail through it to what you want.  A clean slate, so to speak.  The magic happens any time we make compelling goals, develop a plan with lasting results that work, and take action on them!  This can be done any time of the year.  If it is done correctly, that’s when the magic happens, because as Tony Robbins would say, “Where focus goes, energy flows”.

I have a 7 minute video from Tony Robbins that I really enjoyed.  I plan to make some time in my busy schedule before January 1, 2010 to find out what I did in 2009 that worked and what didn’t work.  I want to have my goals for 2010 planned and ready to go to launch my best year ever!  I encourage you to do so, also.

Enjoy the video.  Feel free to share it with your network of family, friends and business associates!  Let’s all rock in 2010.  The world will be a better place for it.

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