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Do You Use the Two Little Words that Keep You From Success?

September 13th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

There are two words in the English language, used together, are responsible for business that failures, paintings which never reach the canvas, and pinnacles of success that are never attained.  These two words seem so innocent.  As if saying them we are automatically exonerated from any efforts to reach inside of ourselves and pull out the person that is really there.  What are these heinous  words?  They are, “I can’t”.

Those two words seem so innocent.  In reality, they are the words that become a self fulfilling prophecy of doom.  Their power is absolute.  Our subconscious mind believes those two words and sets us up for the expectation of failure.  But, do we really use those two little words that much?

Try a little experiment.  Take a large rubber band and put it on your wrist.  For the next two days, every time you utter the words, I can’t, snap that rubber band as hard as you can.  Sounds painful, doesn’t it?  If we focused on taking those words out of our vocabulary, how long would it take to be “I can’t” free?

One of the most important thing we must realize, as leaders, people will rise to our expectations.  The leader is more objective about his/her people’s talents than they are.  The team doesn’t have the confidence to set exceptional standards.  Their “I can’t” runs rampant and they are afraid to risk failure.

The leader has the authority and respect in the eyes of the team to set stretch worth but reachable goals which are bigger than what they would set for themselves.  Knowing the talents of their people, if the leader sets modest goals for the team, they will have a group of average and ordinary instead of superstars!

You may be skeptical of this.  In fact, you may even believe that if lofty goals are set, your team will think that they are trying out for a place on Fear Factor or the Amazing Race.  This is where leadership steps in.  They may not believe they can reach the leaders expectations, but one thing I know for sure, people will push themselves harder for a leader or coach they believe in then they will for themselves.

Business is like sports.  Every great athlete knows they are only as good as their coach.  Olympic athletes are coached by Olympic coaches.  An excellent coach will inspire and receive out of their athletes excellent performances.  It is up to the leader to set the high standard of excellence for the team.  The leader must set it first and then live it themselves as the example to their team.

A leader should never feel that the goals and standards of their team is none of their business.  The leader should always know the team’s individual and group goals. By staying in touch with those goals the leader will know when it is time to give praise and when it is time for the punishment of more grueling work.

With increased consciousness and effort, we can eradicate those crippling words, “I can’t” and become the strong leaders and coaches our team deserves.

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