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Doing the Nasties is the Key to Money and Success

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I have been pondering my topic for this blog post. I started to think about the two things almost everyone will tell you they really want in life.  Money and success are the two topics people agree would improve their life experience.  It is the stuff many day dream are made of.  I’ve heard people say, “wouldn’t it be great to win the lottery!” or “I would love to be the next American Idol winner!”  The sad part is, I have heard them say they want to win the lottery, but they never bother to buy a ticket.

How do we move our day dreams to real dreams?  Winning at the game of life is similar to winning in sports.  There are a lot of uncomfortable things we must do to have real success in either one.

People who reach success are a “horse of a different color”.  You are probably saying to yourself, “well what in the heck does that mean?”  It means that people who reach financial success are only 2% of the population.  Why is the percentage so low?

People don’t want to do the nasty, uncomfortable things it takes to succeed.  Here is a short list of the nasties I see people unwilling to do to achieve success.


People have to stay focused until the job gets done. Attention spans can be short.  If success or money doesn’t happen quickly, they lose focus, motivation and patience.  They are off to the next thing. Our lives have become addicted to quick results.  People expect success to be like the burgers they order from McDonald’s.  Quick and ready, right now!


Goals are a written game plan for achieving what you want.  But, when the word, “goals” is brought up, people’s eyes glaze over, they lose interest, and cease paying attention. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, even though I have seen this time and time again.  How could there be such a small amount of interest and a resistance to goal setting when it is so vital to success?  Is it because they are afraid, if they don’t accomplish their goals, they have failed?  Is it lack of knowledge of the correct way to set goals?

Only 2% of the population sets written goals.  Odd coincidence?  Hardly.  Studies have shown, when following a group of children in school throughout adulthood, the ones who achieved success in life were the ones who set goals.  If that is the case, shouldn’t we all learn how to use goals?


Action is the difference between a day dream and making our dreams a reality.  It is the gas in the tank of our dreams.  We can wish for something, dream about it, visualize it, but until action is involved it will never become a reality.


This is a big one.  People fail miserably when they don’t have it.  I have seen the most talented people fail because they don’t use self discipline to put their talents to work.  It takes self discipline to put it all together and make it happen.

Self discipline is the willingness to put off immediate pleasures to obtain long term results.

It can be tough to make yourself do what you know you need to do.  The two biggest enemies of self discipline are excuses and distractions.  Everyone faces distractions.  They are as common as feathers on a chicken.  As far as excuses go, my wise Grandpa would say, “excuses are like belly buttons, everyone has one!”  Using self discipline keeps us focused, working towards our goals and taking continuous action.

Playing the lottery is fun, but it probably won’t be the path to your financial success.  The sure way to achieve success is to take focused action on your written goals.  Use all your self discipline to stop accepting excuses for your distractions and and work hard to make it happen.

Start your focused action plan today.  To learn how to set effective goals, click here!

Leave me a comment about your action plan.

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    Just learnt something I didn’t know about css, it makes a blog look and act like a content management system if you ask me.
    Do you prefer it over WordPress and Blogger?

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    I use WordPress. Thanks for stopping by!

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