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Dr. Gary Chapman: Love as a Way of Life Part 2

January 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dr. Gary ChapmanYesterday, after I had finished my work day, I sat down to relax.  I was catching up on a bit of news.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, relaxing and news.  I like to stay informed on current issues, without getting sucked into over focusing.  I was watching the reports on Haiti.  It breaks my heart to see their pain and suffering.

It got me to thinking about the rescue workers and doctors that are willing to risk their life to help others.  They are in peril of being buried alive, themselves, by aftershocks along with other dangers. Why would anyone put themselves in so much danger for people they don’t know?  It brought me back to a quote from Dr. Gary Chapman, “At the end of the journey the most satisfied people in the world are people who gave their lives away to serve others.”

Dr. Chapman talks about this very thing in his 6Th point about generosity.  A loving person is willing to give money, time, and their abilities to help other people.  We are seeing people like that in these rescue workers and doctors.  They are willing to run into a collapsed building, not concerned with their own safety, to rescue strangers who desperately need them.  As Albert Schweitzer said after he had received his Nobel Peace Prize, “One thing I know.  The only ones among you that will be truly happy are those that have sought and found how to serve.”

Love is an amazing thing.  It is the most powerful emotion ever given to mankind from our creator.  It is the great healer.  We, as human beings, can not be happy without it in our lives.  Our deepest satisfactions in life come from our relationships with others.

In our world today, does love stand a chance?  I think by watching this tragedy in Haiti we could all agree that love is our only chance.  Today’s video is part 2 of “Love as a Way of Life“.  His talk today is a little over 9 minutes of pure wisdom.  By the end of the video I hope you will know why we need love in our lives and in our world.  It is the cure for what ails us.

If you found this valuable pass it on to your network of family, friends and associates.

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