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Dr. Michael J. Druckett – What Mental Codes or Beliefs are Holding You Back?

February 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the great things about self improvement is in the quest of discovering ourselves.  I believe that is why self improvement has gotten to be a popular endeavor.  Many of us are curious about ourselves and how we think.  Why do we think the way we do?  Many of us have come to the realization that our thoughts create our world.  Is it possible to change our mental habits of thoughts to create the life we want?

In the animal world instinct plays an important role in how each species lives.  Certain things are passed down from generation to generation as instinctive behavior.  This is how those species survive.

In human beings, we use a different process to move our species forward.  It is our belief systems.  We run on our belief system, or programming, which starts when we are children.  It is an automated system that saves us time and effort. Can you imagine, if every experience we encountered we had to stop and relearn what to do?  It would make for a very cumbersome existence.  Because we have set up belief systems or mental codes we can run many programs on automatic pilot.  We believe because it worked in the past it will work again and again.  Even if it didn’t work in the past, we still use that programming.  This may have helped with the evolution of our species, but it can hinder us if we continue to go back to mental programming that is faulty.

I found this very informative 8 minute video for you from Dr. Michael J. Druckett.  He explains our mental codes and shows us how to get in touch with what is holding us back in life.  If you enjoy it, pass it on!

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