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Finding the Millionaire in You!


Yesterday I wrote about the dirty little secrets about passion.  The passion that destroys and the passion that creates something of value.  Today, I would like to expand that thought.

Did you know that there are literally millions of ways to make millions of dollars.  You are probably thinking, “Yeah, right. Where’s my millions.” 

Years ago, there used to be a sci-fi series on tv called “Sliders”.  Every episode, this team of people would slide through a worm hole into a parallel universe.  The objective of the slide was that they were trying to get home to their own universe.  But, of course, to keep the series alive, every week they would slide into another parallel universe. 

Let’s say, that you could slide into another universe where you are making a million dollars a year.  What do you suppose you would discover about the rich you?  I think you would find the you that is passionately engaged in something that you are passionate about.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are passionate about?  Our every day world is filled with the value that passionate people have created.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

A long time ago, people didn’t believe that humans could fly.  Many people scoffed at the idea of people flying through the air like birds.  Some people didn’t scoff and they became very passionate about the possibilities.  Two of those people were the Wright Brothers.  They had an idea fueled by their passion.  They set a date, told the press, hired a band and invited everyone to the “first flight”.  Guess what, they failed!!!  People laughed.  They were ridiculed.  The Wright Brothers did not give up.  They were filled with passion for something they believed could work.  As history goes, it took them a few times to reach success.  Their passion led to a complete change in human history; airliners, space travel, wonder drugs developed in space, the space station and the list goes on and on.  How many millionaires have come out of those industries? It is mind boggling.

Before 1954, people didn’t believe that a human being could run a mile in 4 minutes.  In 1954, an athlete by the name of Roger Bannister broke that 4 minute mile.  He was an exceptional athlete that had been told when he was a child that he would never even walk again after a fire burned off his toes.  He had to relearn to walk only having one toe on each foot.  After Roger broke the record he didn’t hold that record for long.  Once other athletes realized and believed it could be done they were able to break Roger’s record many times.  The entire track and field industry changed.  Tracks had to be developed that could give an athlete an extra edge.  A track today looks nothing like the tracks back in 1954. How many millionaires came out of that passion? 

A small town football coach, by the name of Art williams, went to a family reunion and met his cousin who was a CPA.  His cousin explained to him how term insurance worked.  Art’s father had died too young and left his wife and Art’s younger brother with a very small whole life policy.  The family was devastated by the loss of income.  When Art heard that his father could have provided a bigger death benefit through the use of term insurance and replaced his income, Art became very passionate.  He developed a company in 1977 that changed the entire insurance industry and he became a billionaire in the process.  Millions of people’s lives were changed with the “buy term and invest the difference” philosophy.  His idea created hundreds of millionaires who shared this same passion with him.

Did any of these people believe that they could change the world with their passion?  Probably not.  Did they believe that each one of them would be responsible for creating millionaires in the process?  Probably not.  If you get in touch with your passion do you know where it could lead you.  Probably not.  Isn’t it time to find out?

Alan Tutt has some great information on your power of belief and becoming wealthy on his website.   Check it out!

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