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Goals – Are They the Bitter Tasting Medicine for Success?

December 29th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This morning, I was going through the fridge pitching out the leftovers from our big Christmas dinner.  Seeing as it was a mindless domestic task, my mind got to wandering.  I started thinking about how close we are to starting a brand spanking’ new year. Did I accomplish my goals for last year?

Some people, I know, when rewinding their previous year and how their goals played out, the cat of nine tails comes out.  They get down on their knees, and give themselves 50 lashings.  They could have  had the best year of their life, but all they see are those dadgum pits in the cherry bowl!

I’m an optimist at heart.  I’m one of those people who annoy the stuff out of you, by looking for the best in everything and every one.

I firmly believe, if I can look at my previous year with optimistic objectivity, I can see room for improvement, celebrate my successes, and tune up my goals.  I’ll be on my way to my vision for my life.

Goals were designed to help us focus on what we want our lives to be.  They give us directions and a plan to move us towards our vision for our lives.  They add clarity to our vision.

If I beat myself up for the things I didn’t accomplish, I’ll make goal setting a drudgery and it will develop into another way to punish myself.

Goals are not punishment.  Many people treat them like the awful, bitter tasting medicine for success.  They hold their noses and pour it down their throats.  All the while, hoping, by doing this task their lives will improve.

Goal setting should be a joyous occasion!  The BEST goals are the ones that scare you a little and excite you a lot!  If done correctly, they will stir the passions in our lives!  I chose to see goals as the window cleaner for the mirror of my life.

I am going to sit down (now that the fuzzies are out of the fridge) and look at my 2010’s goals.  I’ll celebrate my successes, see if my vision has changed, and revamp my goals for an exciting a profitable 2011!

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