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How Can I Escape the Darkness of Depression?

September 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Double-alaskan-rainbowToday, I would like to present a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  It is the topic of depression.  I am sure right now you are asking yourself, “Nan, why should I listen to you about this subject?  Are you a doctor?”  My answer to you would be, “no, I am not a doctor.  I am not going to give you medical advice and you should not view this as such.  You should always seek out a professional for treatment if you are prone to depression.  My only qualification for this is the fact that I have survived depression and I learned what worked for me.  I would like to share the things that helped me.  Then you can make up your own mind.

So, now the choice is yours.  You can click out of this site, or get comfortable and read what I have to say.  From there you can decide for yourself.

I believe there are clinical reasons for being depressed.  I believe that depression can be caused by chemical imbalances.  I also believe in miracle healings from our mind.  Have I lost you yet?  If you are still reading, you must be open for a change.

Which brings me to my first tip.

1.  To get rid of depression, one must take responsibility for their life and be open for a change.  I know you are probably thinking, “who wouldn’t be open for not feeling depressed anymore?”  Believe it or not, some times people feel more comfortable with the feelings of depression than without those feelings.  Deciding to overcome the feelings of depression can leave some people outside their comfort zone.  Often times, people will use the excuse of “I am depressed” to not take responsibility for their problems, choosing to stay in the victim mode.  I mean no offense to anyone, I have been there myself.  The first step to recovering from depression is to take responsibility for your life and desire a change.

2.  Changing our perception.  I have heard people talk about depression as their mind looking for the “click spot”.  What I mean by that is our minds get used to certain feelings almost like a habit.  It is like clicking through the gears until you find that familiar spot.  That could relate back to the chemical imbalance that have been feeding our brains.  If we are used to the feelings of depression, it can feel strange to entertain thoughts of hope and wellness.  In a way, we have to retrain our brains.  We can start by looking for the blessings in our lives.  Set a goal of thinking of 10 things every day that you are thankful for.  The first few days it might seem difficult to find those 10 things.  As time goes on, those 10 things will flow to you.  Get a journal and label it “my blessings”.  Write in it every day.  Instead of dwelling on the feelings of depression, or the negative effects of complaining.  You will start training yourself to look for the blessings and bright spots in your day. Acknowledging the blessings can lift our mood and change the body’s chemicals that are feeding our brains.

3. Learn forgiveness.  I have heard and I believe that depression is anger that is turned inward.  If depression is an issue in your life then chances are there are people in your life that you have not forgiven.  Often times, the one we have not forgiven is ourselves.  I am not trying to down play any one’s pain.  I know many people have terrible things that happen in their lives; rape, murder of a loved one, disloyalty, job loss, financial troubles, etc.  I have experienced a few myself.  Many years ago, my grandmother was murdered in her home.  It sent our family into a tailspin.  She was our family’s matriarch, and to all of us, our trusted adviser.  I can’t express to you the sorrow and anger I felt.  I knew that I would not be free until I could forgive her killer.  When I embraced forgiveness for that person that was responsible for this horrendous deed to her, and to our family, I began to feel free.  I will always miss her, but I don’t dwell on how she passed.

4.  Read self improvement daily.  You will stumble on things that will help you in your quest for a depression free life.  There is so much information available in books and on the Internet.  Learn about happiness.  Happiness, after all, is a daily decision.

5.  Try using some EFT techniques.  EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”.  Our bodies have fields of energy surrounding them.  Sometimes, that energy gets messed up and EFT realigns our energies.  Don’t pooh-pooh it until your try it.  It really helped me.  A wonderful site for this is the World Center for EFT founded by Gary Craig.  They have a free training manual and a very user friendly site.  Carol Look, an EFT practitioner, sends out a great online newsletter every month.  You can sign up for her newsletter and she has a link to her past newsletters.

Depression can handicap your life, if you allow it.  It is like living in a black and white world with a cotton fog surrounding our minds.  Leaving depression is like stepping out into the sunshine into a world that is vivid with color.  It can be the rainbow after the storm.

I would like it if you left me comments and share with all of us how you have handled depression.  Sharing helps others. 

I would like to thank  Eric Rolph for his beautiful picture Double Alaskan Rainbow!


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