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How Can I Live the Life I Want? Tip 2

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art.lottery.cnnHave you heard the saying “most people take more time planning their 2 week vacation than they do planning  for a successful life.”   Could it be because people don’t understand how to plan for their successful life?

Most of us would love to win the lottery.  Some people dream about winning the lotto and they don’t even buy a ticket.  You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.  My focus here is not boosting lottery sales.  Life is like that lottery ticket.  If you don’t put some things in place, the life you desire will be only a dream, not an actuality.  Here are a few tips on going after that life of your dreams.


Pack your dad-gum bags in life!  You wouldn’t go on a 2 week trip and not pack a bag.  We must do our due diligence to have the life we want.  We must take time to prepare. 

The action personality can have challenges with preparation.  They are action oriented.  They leap into action and sometimes they struggle because they didn’t prepare.  Here are some ways to prepare.

1.  Set goals.  We must have an effective goal setting system that inspires us and helps our mind focus on those goals.  Without goals, we are lumbering around in the dark with no clear mental picture of how to reach the life we want to live.

2.  Research your dreams.  Read books on the subject.  Surf the net and glean all the information you can.  Be a sponge and soak it all up.  Develop a vision.  Support your vision with knowledge.

3.  You must commit to arming yourself with the latest knowledge on your given topic.  You must be willing to invest in yourself and your success by continously learning the success principles within your area of interest and passion.

Don’t confuse preparation with lack of action.  This is where the analyical personality has challenges.  They can get paralysis through analysis.  They are so busy researching and learning that they fail to pull the trigger and take action.


If you don’t take action, nothing happens.  I know there are a some people who believe that everything will just flow to them.  Yes, it will flow to you, but you must put action in the equation or there is no energy to flow.

Mark Joyner, in his infinite wisdom, uses the analogy of a thirst person and a glass of water.  A person can be sitting in front of a glass of water and be thirsty.  They can mediatate about the water flowing into their mouth and quenching their thirst.  They can pray about the water nourshing their body.  But, nothing happens until THEY take action and LIFT THE GLASS AND DRINK!

1.  You don’t need to know how to do something to act.  That sounds like a direct contradiction to preparing.  But, I have witnessed very talented people that are so unsure of themselves that the don’t do anything.  They prepare and prepare, but they can’t seem to do anything.  They are so afraid that they don’t know enought  to do any thing.  What they don’t realize is that thinking is hard, doing is fun.

2.  Get outside the box.  The entrepreneurial mindset is, “find out what people need and then provide that service.”  Think like a founder.  What is a founder?  That is someone who puts a system in place for a business that has the capacity to grow huge.  The only difference between the big dogs in business and those that haven’t had the same success is in the way they think.  Big dogs think differently. Study how they think.  Then take action to do what they do.

3.  Take some risks in life.  Caution!!!  This might lead to failure.  Develop the mindset that Failures are just another way not to do something.  Learn to fail fast and move on.  Screw up, learn from it and move on…quickly!  Don’t let failure distract you.  Don’t let fear keep you from taking action, because fear is overcome by taking action!

I have a 2 minute video today from Brian Tracy called “Powerful Success Secrets to Get Goals Faster!”  This video gives us a glimpse of “How” successful people think.

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