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How Can I Live the Life I Want?

October 20th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

dream-bigAre you living the life you want to live? Do you wake up every morning full of passion? As soon as your feet hit the floor you are off to make a difference in the world? Many of us want to leave a legacy on this earth. Something that says, “I was here and I made a difference because I was here!” How do we do that? Here are a few tips that I believe can help you live the life YOU want and leave something behind of value.


Dreams come from within. They should inspire you! Small dreams are not inspiring. They are one small breath away from lack. Here are three things to consider about an inspirational life:

1. You must discover your passion. You will know when you have discovered your passion when you jump out of bed in the morning excited to start your day and to bring your dreams to fruition. Every one of us have different passions. Passions are expressions of our souls.

2. As time goes on, keep listening to your soul. Our passions change and mature over time. Don’t lock yourself into only one expression of your passion. As you mature and grow so will your interests in other things.

3. Think big! I guarantee you that if you think big you will reach more success than thinking small. When it comes to the passions of our soul, the only limits to what we can accomplish are the limits we put on ourselves.


This is where most people struggle. They don’t believe in themselves or their dream. This can be where a lack of self esteem might come into play. But, do yourself a favor and don’t accept that excuse. We are responsible for our lives. Self esteem or not, it is time to pull up our big boy/girl pants and get the job done!

Belief is inspired by the Law of Intention. When you say, “this is something I am trying”, you are not really serious. You can’t “try” to do something. It is like the analogy of the pencil. Try to drop the pencil. You either drop it or you don’t. There is never any “try” to it. A committed statement is “This is something I am doing.”

Which leads to another thought. What happens when you are alone with your big dream? When it is only you and your thoughts. Do you believe there’s a plan and purpose for your life? If you do, you will find a way to be who you were meant to be. Here are a few tips for believing in yourself and your dream.

1. Believe that you have a destiny of success waiting for you. We are as unique as snowflakes. None of us are the same. We were all here to reach our own success. What success means is completely different from person to person. Our definitions are as unique as we are. Find out what your success means to you. Not your parent’s idea, not your partner’s idea, not even society’s idea….your idea of success.

2. Believe that you are unique and that you were meant to bring value to this world. We are all here to provide value to the world and to each other. Learn to value yourself and your talents.

3. When you have an opportunity to support someone else in their dreams, DO IT! We all need a cheer leading section and a sounding board. I don’t know what I would do without my husband’s love and support in everything I have accomplished. He is my mirror. There have been times where he has had more faith in my abilities than I have. He is never phonyto me. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. He the treasure in my life. Find your mirror and be some one’s mirror.

Success is not often an overnight thing. Even those that seem to have overnight success paid their dues somewhere else. To accomplish what you want in life you have to learn to be persistent. How many times are you willing to put yourself out there to accomplish what you dream about. Could you take rejection 144 times in a row? Check out this short 2 minute video from Jack Canfield. He has many words of wisdom for you.

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