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How Do I Deal With All the Stress in My Life?

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There will always be stress in our lives.  Stress can be good or bad.  Most people would say, “I don’t know of any good stress in my life!”  Ah, but there is positive stress which takes the form of excitement and anticipation.  I think we would all agree that kind of stress is a good.  But, on the flip side of that coin, the stress that is not good for us is responsible for 90% of the health challenges that plague our society.  It has grown to be the #1 health problem facing our country today.  Would you agree that stress holds us back from complete enjoyment of life?

Each one of us has a unique way that our stress manifests in our bodies.  We develop headaches, stomach aches, increased heart rate, grinding our teeth at night, just to name a few.  Continued stress can do permanent damage to our body in the form of heart conditions and cancer.

Where did stress come from?  Stress was originally designed to be our fight and flight response that kept us out of the way of danger.  It took care of us and helped us survive.  We don’t face as much danger, in this day and age, where we would need to fight our way out of it or run away.  We have now transmuted those responses into the form of anger and fear.

How each of us deals with stress is a learned response.  Our response to stress is taught to us by our families, friends, and from past experiences and beliefs.  Since, how we deal with stress is a learned response, wouldn’t it make sense that we could learn a different tactic that would be healthier for us?

Here are a few ways to change our negative patterns of reaction…aka stress habits.

1.  Meditate daily.  Meditation is an amazing tool to alleviate stress.  It is easy to learn and can be used any where you don’t have to be alert.  Driving in your car meditating is never a good idea.  Meditation relaxes.  It is physically impossible to be stressed when we are relaxed.  Meditation has many health benefits attached to the continuous practice.  Here is a link to a site I trust and that helped me learn meditation.

2.  Stop thinking about what you don’t want to happen.  People get confused thinking that they aren’t manifesting.  Manifestation is not the problem.  We manifest all day long.  We can’t help ourselves.  We manifest the breakfast we have, the coffee we drink, the clothes we wear.  The problem is that we aren’t manifesting what we think we want.  We make this a lot harder than it really is.  If we would occupy our minds with what we want and not entertain those thoughts of what we don’t want, our manifestations would be the things we want in life.

3.  Take control of ourselves.  Stop thinking that something outside of us is what makes us happy or sad.  We are the ones that choose to attach those emotions to events.  Nothing outside of us has the ability to make us happy or sad.  It is us that applies the label or perception to what happens in our lives.  We can start to change this by recognizing the thoughts we are thinking.  Where in the body are we feeling the stress?  When we start to feel the stress, stop and pinpoint what our fear is.  Imagine ourselves as being OK and after the situation is over, no matter how bad it is.

These are just a few things you can do to learn to deal with negative stress in a more positive way.  I have included this 6 minute video for your enjoyment and to relieve some stress with some good old fashion humor.  Feel free to pass this on to your network of people.

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