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How Do I Practice Positive Parenting? Tip 1

October 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Are you raising children right now? Do you ever have days when you wonder if you will survive it? If either question rings true, I have some positive parenting tips for you. I am not a professional child psychologist, social worker, or have any degree in child development. The only parenting education degree I hold is my “mommy” degree.

Being married with children, I have raised 3 completely different and individual kids to adulthood. Our daughter is a free spirit and an artist. Our middle son is a Sargent in the U. S. Marine Corp. Our youngest son, who is 24 years old, is a 6 figure entrepreneur and business owner, and has been since he was 20 years old. They are all completely different and I am proud of each one of them! Would it make sense that each child has been a unique learning experience for my husband and I?

When you are raising children, every day is a different experience. Some days we really get to practice our sense of humor. Other days are just plain stressful. Face it, children are not angels 100% of the time. Or, at least, mine weren’t. Some days can be slightly annoying, broken overhead fans from underwear launched on top to see how far they could fly. To very stressful, a call from law enforcement to come pick up your child. To the all time stress-er, of finding out that your child is very sick and only God and a good medical team can help.

How do we deal with a stressful days when we are parenting and live our lives as the example our young blessings deserve? We, as parents must stay as calm and centered in all storms as much as we possibly can. This week, I am going to give you a tip every day that helped me during stressful times of parenting.

Tip 1 for today is; Take time for yourself. We can’t continue to bounce back from the rigors of child rearing if we are spiritually and emotional depleted. We, as parents, need to stay on top of our emotional game if we want to nurture emotional health in our children. I know some of you are carrying a full time job along with being full time moms and dads. Spending time on ourselves seems to be unattainable at times. More often than not, taking time for ourselves gets moved to the bottom of the list of “things to do” because we seem to always short change ourselves in our busy world. But, this is an important tip. You can accomplish this extremely important time by switch off with your partner, a neighbor, or another parent to watch your children. Then, do what ever relaxes and replenishes you; take a bubble bath, work on a hobby, go to a park and read a book. Whatever recharges you!

Try putting your children to bed a half hour earlier to capture some “me time”. Be creative on how you can find this time. It is very important and should rate higher on the “to do” list. Even if it is only a half hour to start, see if it doesn’t make a change in your stress levels.

If you have found this tip helpful or you have a tip that has worked for you, leave me a comment and tell me all about it. Stay tuned for the next installment.

I have included a video that you might relate to as you are raising kids!


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