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How to Use Negative People to Get Postive Results


Many times in my life, I have felt that I have been dealing with the same challenge over and over again with a different time stamp.  Have you ever felt that way?

I have come to realize that means I have issues in which I have not resolved in my mind.  Life is giving me different opportunities to learn from each challenge.  What goes on in our minds, is a direct correlation to what is happening in our lives.  That is one of the neatest things about self improvement is that we can use it to unlock some of those secret spaces in our minds and enrich our lives.

One of the biggest flaws in many peoples minds is their feeling of entitlement.  I am not talking about the welfare system, even though that is one of the biggest entitlements around.  I am talking about the idea that we should have something because of our so called “position” in life or in some one’s life.

This plays out in very uncomfortable ways in the lives of the people who are closest to them.  We are not entitled to love if we are being unloving.  We are not entitled to respect if we don’t show others respect.  I am sure you are getting the jest of what I am saying.  I know we all have people in our lives that have the “what’s in it for me today” entitlement mentality.  It is played out on the news every day.

When we attract someone like that into our lives, what is the reflection from our own minds?  The reason that I have noodled on this so much is that I have someone like this in my life that I am unable to turn my back on and walk away from them.  The relationship has always been very troubling to me all of my life.

I am blessed to have so many loving relationships in my life.  I have a wonderful support system.  I am a lover of peace and harmony.  One thing I have learned from that troubling life long relationship is how much I love and appreciate these things.  I have learned to be very grateful for those relationships that nuture me.  I have learned that love is unconditional, but it doesn’t mean that we have to always like them.

From this person, I have learned that guilt is a strong negative emotion that is crippling.  It can ruin your health and well being.  I am learning to not let it destroy my life.  Most of all, I am learning not to accept guilt when it is not mine. 

I would say that even though this relationship will probably always be troublsome to me, I have learned so many wonderful and powerful things that have enriched my life.  It has been like a picture negative.  When I look at the negative it looks disturbing and dark.  When the negative is processed it becomes a picture filled with beauty and color.

I challenge you to look at those things in your life that you perceive as “not good” and really look to find the beauty that is there waiting for you to discover it.  Believe me, it is there.

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  1. July 23rd, 2009 at 22:49 | #1

    Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  2. Michael Dowd
    July 24th, 2009 at 15:05 | #2

    For the longest time I was troubled with my sister’s death and with my parents divorce. I knew that a lot of my friends really looked passed that and really didn’t really care. But there are those certain friends/family that could tell that things were troubling me. I knew that my sister was somewhere better than here, but always just hurt that she was gone and she was the person that I would always tell everything to. Taryn has been that person that I have been able to tell everything to. She’s totally like my sister in so many ways but also in so many different ways. She knows when I’m troubled with something and always gets it out of me. I have had some problems with negative energies before and they were taking over my life and making me feel ill and making me not see the World in all the beauty that it has to offer. I feel like I was the negative of a photo that needed to be processed and once I thought about how my life was being handled, I decided that it was time to develope the photo that I call my life and let the photo show all the beauty that my life had offered and will offer and I feel a lot more energetic in life and grateful that I have wonderful friends and family to talk to. Thank you for producing this site. I think it will help a lot of others veiw their lives and change what needs to be changed.

    Mike D.

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  4. December 11th, 2010 at 19:51 | #4

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