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Leadership Style – Is It Better To Have Control of Your Team?

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Leadership is a challenging way of life.  Some people either don’t want to put the effort into learning to lead or they haven’t a clue why leadership is different.  Leadership is a very effective management style.  But, not the only management style.  Let’s look at the differences between a controlling manager and a leader.

It is easy when in the top position of a team, to put all the effort into control them instead of leading them.  This control is characterized by rules enforced with an iron fist.

Don’t misunderstand me.  There needs to be some kind of behavior standards for a team.  A better way to say it is a standard of excellence.  This standard of excellence is more concerned with the performance of the team and their results.  A leader, instead of being an enforcer, gives their team free rein to indulge in creative actions which will bring better results.

The controlling personality is more concerned with making sure the team is on time then they are to seeing the team’s creative solution to challenges.

A leader realizes it’s not about what happens when they’re with the team.  A leader builds a team which can function as well without the leader.  Perhaps, they can even function better.  Not because a leader is not there looking over their shoulder and controlling their actions.  They work to please the leader and themselves.  The team realizes it’s not just about the leader.

A controller will micro manage their team.  A sure sign of a controlling team manager is their lack of ability to leave their team mates alone to do their jobs.  A controller really doesn’t want their team to function better without them.  That is their worst nightmare!  Their thought is, if their team can function without them, someone will figure out they aren’t needed.

Another characteristic of a leader’s team is their ability to grow into a leadership position themselves.  It’s not because they have special talents or anything extra which the controller’s team doesn’t have.  It’s because they are free to bloom, discover themselves, and follow the example of an effective leader.

A controller’s team can languish, characterized by a lack of motivation.  They perform their duties under pressure.  A controller will make sure no one can ever take their job.  They will bully, intimidate and even fire anyone who looks able or willing to take over their position.

A leader is self assured in themselves and in their team’s abilities.  They enjoy recognizing their team.  This motivates the team!  They believe in their team and push them up.  The leader feels pride when their team can function without them.   They are not in fear of losing their position.  They know they are an intricate part of a well performing team.

There are many different management styles.  They’re as different as people can be.  A wise man once told me to develop my management style early.  Meaning, know what I would except and reject in my team performance.  To understand my standard of excellence so I could communicate it to the team.

We spend many hours in our day working to provide for our families.  There’s more enjoyment and feelings of accomplishment working on a team with an effective leader.  Isn’t it worth the effort to perfect your own leadership style?

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