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Making A Successful Decision to Control the Bombardment of Your Brain

November 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

subconsciousIf you have been a reader of this website, you know that it is my belief that we can and should control the thoughts we think.  If we really want to accomplish our own idea of success and live the life we want, we will need to understand this concept and learn to have it work for us.  Our thoughts are always working in our lives, but if we are don’t make the decision to be vigilant of our thoughts we will accept the thoughts of others as our own.  How much of what we think is really our own?

Yesterday, I had a very fun and busy day.  We took our dog for a walk downtown on the river to see all the changes Des Moines has been doing to keep our city one to be proud of.  I cooked and had our family over for a Sunday supper.  It was a busy and happy day.  By the time I sat down to catch the new series “The Prisoner” that I had prerecorded, I was beyond tired.  I didn’t see any of the show and the next thing I know it is 4:30 am and I am dreaming the craziest things.  I kept hearing “girls gone wild” and my dreams were weaving that into them.  I woke up realizing that the infomerical was playing on tv and my mind was absorbing all that crap.  Yikes!!!

It really made me think.  How much of our environment is dictating what we absorb and feed into our subconscious mind?  I know that I am not going to run out and start lifting my shirt and shaking my God given talents at any video cameras or smooching random women.  I am an adult woman and the decisions regarding my moral code and sexual preference were made years ago.  But, what about those that are younger and more impressionable?

I am not suggesting that we start censoring tv, commercials, or movies.  They are personal choices and if they weren’t in demand and profitable, they wouldn’t be made. Supply and demand is a powerful thing.  What I am purposing is that we, individually, consciously, and selectively, make our decision to pick and choose what we allow into our inner subconscious environment.  We should be careful to not let other people’s thoughts and ideas color what we feed into our minds unless we find value in them.  Only if they help us create our inner world that which we want to reflect in our outer world and see it manifest.

By not making the decision to safe guard what we allow into our minds, we let random perilous thoughts such as ugliness, fear, and self doubts enter our subconscious mind’s environment.  Don’t we have enough respect for ourselves to filter it out?  Or, could it be that we haven’t taken the responsibility of being our own decision maker that is in control of what we feed that inner us?  You, after all,  are the only gate keeper of your subconscious mind.

How could our lives be different if we monitored our thoughts and became more aware of our paradigms that keep us from living the life of our design?  What are the decisions that we make daily that undermine ourselves?  Do we really feel that we need to listen to those outside things that steal our happiness and peace of mind?  I don’t believe that we would choose to feed our small infants a steady diet of negativity and self esteem robbing comments.  Why would we choose to feed those things to our subconscious mind that is as vulnerable as that tiny child?

Every day, we make the decision of what negative or positive thoughts we will think.  Let’s learn to take responsibility for our decisions and our thoughts and build a life by design.

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