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Making Money Using the Value G.A.P.

August 25th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to manifest money?  Unless you are attracting all the money you want in your life, you might have ponder this question from time to time.  Why does it look so easy for some people to make money and it seems so hard for others?

Wealthy people seem to know, inherently, that money, wealth, income, and cash flow are indicators.  Money is a score card of what they are doing and how well they are doing it. It is a indicator of how well they are meeting their customers needs.  They know if they don’t add value to others the dollars and success will not flow to them.

Giving value to what you are doing to make money is like magnetizing steel.  When you magnetize steel, it will pick up far more than its own weight in metal.  Value is a magnet for money.  Value is, also, the lead indicator of wealth.

How do you create value?  Value is created when you give goods or services that are relevant in the eyes of the market you working in.  To add value, it must fill the GAP, which stands for Goals, Activities and Priorities.  Value, in hindsight, is anything a person would do or action they would take to keep something they already have, or to get something they want.

Value is always about the balancing of two things.  It is either about increasing something your customer wants more of, or decreasing something they want less of.  The question then becomes, “how does my product or service increase what my customers desires or decrease what my customers want less of in their life?”

Here’s a technique you can use to decipher this.  You may have heard of the Ben Franklin close.  It’s a clarification process developed by Mr. Franklin many years ago.  It can be used to weigh the pros and cons of any decision or in this case, to clarify the value you propose to add for your customer, or decrease something they want to take out of their life.

Take a sheet of paper, draw a big T on it.  On the one side of the T, write “increase”.  On the other side of the T write “decrease”.  Take your product or your service that you are offering the public and write what it is you provide on the appropriate side.  This is called mapping your value.  When you can map out what your value is to others, it will help you to act on providing more of it.  You will become a master at increasing value to those that buy your products or services.  You will attract more money.  If you don’t master this, your money making abilities will suffer.

Doesn’t it make sense to ask yourself every day, “What ways do I specifically add value to individuals in my marketing niche?”  Fill the G.A.P. and you are on your way!

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