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Michael Shermer – Strange Beliefs – Fact or Fiction?

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Who we are is formed by the beliefs that we have chosen to embrace, either consciously or unconsciously.  Would you say that is a fair statement?  Beliefs come from all directions as we are growing up.  We get some of them from our parents, our peers, the media, and many other places.  Some of what we choose to believe comes to us with very few filters.  Many cultural and religious beliefs are passed down from generation to generation.

Some people are more skeptical than others.  Skepticism is good.  For instance, we shouldn’t believe everything the media puts out, or everything we were taught in childhood.  A certain amount of skepticism is healthy.  It keeps us growing and learning.  Science was born from not excepting the norm, or what some would call  skepticism.

Does skepticism ever become too much?  Does the fervor for skepticism ever become similar to a religion? These are questions only you can answer for you.

I have a 13 minute thought provoking video from TED Talks from Michael Shermer who is the founder of Skeptic Magazine.  He has made skepticism his life work.  Your beliefs system will determine how much of this video you accept.  It might ruffle a few feathers, but, I promise you it will be thought provoking.  Feel free to pass it on!

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