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My 5 Discoveries on How to Becoming a People Magnet!

November 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We all know someone, who make us feel good, every time we are around them.  This person has a warm and friendly way.  They draw people to them like ants to a picnic.  They seem to know every person on planet Earth.  They’re people magnets.

I grew up, quiet and shy, in a reserved family.  My family didn’t have a lot of interactions with other people.  I always knew, there are some people with better people skills then the ones in my family.  I went on a quest to discover, what do people magnets do differently?

Here are 5 discoveries from my observations:

1.  People magnets don’t just like people, they LOVE them.  They find them fascinating!  When talking with them the PM, also known as People Magnet, looks them right in the eye.  The PM always has a friendly expression on their face.  People will smile at someone, who smiles at them first.  This easy smile, puts people at easy.

2.  When a PM talks with someone, they are, sincerely, interested in them.  They asks questions.  Not nosy, prying questions, but questions which keeps the conversation focused on the person the PM is talking to.

The PM is interested in what the person, they are talking to, has to say.  They have a way of listening which people respond to.  They tilt their head slightly.  They nod in agreement.  The PM’s body language is saying, “you are the most important person in the world, and I am listening to your every word.”

3.  Not only does the People Magnet listen to what the person is saying, but they can feed back little bits of information they are hearing.   This is because the PM finds them fascinating.  Details are remembered, and the next time the two meet, the conversation can start right where it left off.  The PM might ask how their children are doing, or their wife.  Maybe, something about their business.  Or, anything else that might have been shared.  This trait makes the People Magnet different.  Most people, really, don’t care about others, enough to remember what was said.

4.  A People Magnet will go out of their way for others.  If they talk with someone who needs something, it’s as good as found.  They know so many people, it’s not hard to find some one, who knows some body, who has it.  This doesn’t put the PM out because he/she really likes helping people.  They take pride in helping others get what they want.

5.  People Magnets let their manners show.  They always, make a point to says thank you, when a kindness is done for their family or themselves.  They know, deep down inside, manners help remove the barriers people can erect between them.

Every one wants to feel special.  People, always, take an interest in someone who takes an interest in them.  When we polish up these 5 skills, and become People Magnets, more doors will be opened up for our success.  If you are a people magnet, watch out, I might be watching you, too!

Who is the people magnet in your life?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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