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Napoleon HIll – Success Principal #10 – Overcoming Adversity and Defeat

November 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever heard the expression, “in every cloud there is a silver lining”?  I have heard it many times from my Grandmother who was in control of her positive mental attitude.  In today’s world, the saying may seem a little hokey, or perhaps, clique.  When wisdom is tried and true and has held up for many generations, it gets repeated so many times that it loses it’s punch.  We look at it as “just another old saying”.  The idea that every adversity has a seed of opportunity is what Napoleon Hill is talking about in his Success Principals #10, Overcoming Adversity and Defeat.

I know this to be true from my own life.  No matter how bad something is that has happened to me, there is always good in it, if I choose to look for it.  Let me tell you a story that happened to me.  I woke up on a cold but sunny day in mid April in 1978.  The morning started out like any other morning.  It didn’t stay that way for long.  I received a phone call relaying to me that someone very close to me had been killed by the hand of an unknown robber.  I was completely devastated!  Thankfully, I was with the guy I had been dating.  Knowing that I was in shock, he took control of the situation.  He became my rock.  Not only was he my rock, but his family helped take care of the things my family, because of our deep loss, was unable to cope with.  They were an inspiration!  It was at that time I began to realize how much I loved him, and what an extraordinary family he had.  I have often wondered, if that terrible situation hadn’t happened, would I have realized how wonderful he is?  Would I have seen that deep loving soul that is his essence?  Perhaps, I would have found out with time, but out of that adversity our love has grown for over 30 years and we have built a life filled with blessings.

Napoleon Hill says, in this 10 minute video, that we should get into the habit of looking for the seeds of opportunity.  We can choose to have a positive mental attitude when it comes to the adversities in our lives.  Successful people have learned this lesson.  People who enjoy success haven’t been dealt a different hand then those who aren’t successful.  Sometimes, they have experienced worse things than the average person.  They have learned to pick themselves up from any adversities and  go on to triumph later.   Mr. Hill makes another even stronger statement saying that if you don’t use your positive mental attitude often enough, you will lose it.  His quote, that we should commit to memory is, “nothing can be called failure until you accept it as such.”

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