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Napoleon Hill – Success Principal #11 – Creative Vision

November 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The human species is an amazing being.  We possess the ability to think and create.  When I was in school and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was taught that the reason the human was so adapt, and had moved to the top of the heap in the evolutionary pile, was because of our opposable thumbs.  H-m-m, I know monkeys have opposable thumbs, but unless you are a Planet of the Apes fan, monkeys may have been put in space capsules to orbit the earth, but they didn’t create the technology to build the capsule.  Could it be there is more to this creative thing?  Napoleon Hill’s Success Principal #11 is going to discuss our imagination and our creative vision.

Some people, including Napoleon Hill, believe that our subconscious mind is attached to the Universal mind.  Some even call our subconscious the Universal mind.  No matter what you believe about that particular subject, you can’t deny that somehow we have the ability to create.  Napoleon Hill, in this video, discusses the 2 different kinds of creative vision.  If you believe that humans have the ability to create, how do we, personally, tap into that creative mind?  Here’s a few tips that might prove helpful to you in your quest for success.

1.  Spend some time each day in mediation.  If you don’t know how to meditate, learn something about it.  Closing your eyes and counting your breaths can be very calming.  By becoming quiet and taking our minds off our daily routines allows our creative juices to flow.

2.  Take a leisurely walk in nature.  Exercise, fresh air, and nature stimulates our ability to get outside box in our thinking.  The bonus to this method is that it is also very good for our overall health and nourishes the brain cells.  Making them ever ready when you want to call upon the creative you.

3.  One way that works for me is to put on some soothing music such as classical, get comfortable in my favorite chair, close my eyes, breath deeply and concentrate on the music.  I allow my mind to flow with the melody.  After about 10 minutes, I feel refreshed and most often I have accomplished getting in touch with the creative me.

4.  Mastermind with others is a great way to take the lid of the creative bottle.  Be careful in your choice of mastermind participants.  Someone with another agenda can put a dam in the creative flow.

5.  Set a goal to spend some time writing.  A habit of writing in a journal is good, but sometimes just writing random thoughts can lead to some interesting and creative things.  It lets your mind run free.  A word of warning, don’t restrict your thoughts.  Write them all down no matter how stupid and meaningless you feel they are.  When you write them all down you are telling your mind that you accept whatever it wants to give you and it will release all its creative thoughts without fear of judgment.

Napoleon Hill is going to give you 6 minutes of wisdom about your imagination in this video. If you like it, pass it on.

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