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Napoleon Hill – Success Principal #12 – Accurate Thinking

December 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

There is a deep unrest in our world.  I am sure it has always been a part of our lives, but with 24 hour news coverage, we are subjected to non stop opinions disguised as news.  It is in our faces 24/7/365.  It seems that everyone has an opinion.  Many opinions are not accurate.  They are formed from, what Napoleon Hill calls, inductive reasoning.  In Napoleon Hill’s Success Principals #12, he talks with us about the importance of using accurate thinking on our road to our major purpose in life.

I have listened to many talks from Bob Proctor.  In one, he was talking about how his wife and he are from different areas of North America.  He is from Canada and she is from the southern part of the U.S.A.  He expressed to her, one day, that he would like to get a turnip to eat.  She was amazed by that.  In her part of the country, you don’t eat the turnip root.  That is throw away.  The only edible part of the turnip, in her regionally based viewpoint (opinion), was the green part.  That particular analogy really pointed out to me that we are a product of our upbringing and our culture.  When I contemplated that story, it became easy to see why there is so much unrest in our world.  If we vehemently and emotionally cling to our opinions as facts, anyone else’s opposing opinions can only be rejected.  The more emotionally attached we get to our opinion the harder it is to see  other points of view.  I can understand how someone would be willing to strap bombs to their chest and blow up innocent men, women and children.  Because others don’t embrace their view point, and in their eyes it is the only viewpoint of worth, they are willing to die to punish those that don’t agree.

How can we, as a species, overcome this kind of thinking and get along?  I believe the answer lies in this 9 minute video.  If we could practice the 7 steps in this video there would be more rational thinking.  For many, this would be a complete change in thought processes.  It is easy to form an opinion, using inductive reasoning, and then hold on to it because it is familiar.  If we do that, we don’t have to question that particular opinion again.  We, also, accept so many opinions, almost by osmosis, that are dictated to us by family, cultural, or religion.  No questions asked.

It like the well used story of the little girl who wanted to find out why her Momma cut the ends off of the Christmas ham.  Her mother didn’t know why.  She did it because her mother always did.  The little girl asked her grandmother and she didn’t know why.  She did it because her mother had always done it that way.  Finally, when she asked her great grandmother, her great grandmother said, “I did it because my pan was too short for the ham to fit.  I don’t know why your mother and grandmother still do it.”

As you listen to Napoleon Hill’s video, think of how your life might be different if you practiced what he said?  How would it change the world if we all used more deductive reasoning?  Let’s all set ourselves a goal to ask, more often, that powerful question, “how do you know?”  We could picture Joe Friday from Dragnet in our heads reminding us, “Just the facts, miss/sir, just the facts”.

Life is meant to be shared.  Have you shared with others today?  Feel free to share this blog. 🙂

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