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Napoleon Hill – Success Principal #8 – Enthusiasm

November 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever been in the presences of someone who always makes you feel good when you are with them?  They radiate something that makes you feel uplifted.  The smile on their face is an instant pick me up.  I’ll bet, just asking that first question immediately brought some one’s face into your mind.  This some one that you just thought of practices Napoleon Hill’s next success principal.  They show enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm puts things in motion.  A person who is enthusiastic broadcasts a vibration which we pick up as a feeling.  A person who is broadcasting that vibration will soon draw to them other people.  They are a people magnet.  People want to be around an enthusiastic person because it is a strong emotion and is contagious.  A perfect example of this contagious behavior is in the short movie “Validation”.

Napoleon Hill says that “enthusiasm is the most important trait in leadership”.  I know this to be a fact.  I have been involved with business and entrepreneurial people for the past 20 years and the strong leaders are those that have an abundance of enthusiasm.  Not only do they show mega amounts of enthusiasm, but they inspire other people to show their own feelings of enthusiasm.  It is chain reaction.  If the enthusiasm is for something positive, the reaction from others will be in the same vein.  If their enthusiasm is negative, they will lead others to behave like them.

Here is an example.  What does Ronald Reagan and Charlie Manson have in common?  Are you shocked that they might have anything in common?  What they have in common is their ability to show enthusiasm for what they felt their life purpose was. Their enthusiasm changed the world around them in very crucial ways.  Reagan was responsible for the collapse of the “iron curtain”.  Charlie was responsible for many deaths and the destruction of many lives in a very horrific way, that shocked a nation in a more innocent time.  What a thought to ponder!  It might be shocking to you to think of these 2 people even being mentioned in the same sentence.  I only do this as a example of polarity of positive versus negative in a leader’s ability to infect people to do some unbelievable things with their feelings of enthusiasm.

Napoleon Hill’s 10 minute video is filled with many important points for a person seeking to be  successful.  Feel free to pass this on.  I am, also, on twitter – let’s tweet! 🙂

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