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Napoleon Hill – Success Principal #9 – Personal Initiative

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Many times on this blog, I write about the differences between successful people and those that aren’t.  Successful people are wired differently.  They think in a totally different way than an average person.  Napoleon Hill talks about these difference in his Success Principal #9 which is about personal initiative.

In society today, we hear so much about “spreading the wealth around”.  It has become a buzz phrase.  Many people are adamantly against it.  Why is that?  Let’s look at personal initiative and the role it plays in moving individuals towards success and wealth and keeps our world moving forward.  What is personal initiative?  The dictionary definition is;

1.  an introductory act or step; leading action
2.  readiness and ability in initiating action; enterprise
3.  one’s personal, responsible decision
4.  of or pertaining to initiation; serving to initiate

It is very appropriate that in the dictionary definition of personal initiative, the synonyms are leadership, forcefulness, dynamism.

How does personal initiative impact the world?  When an entrepreneurial minded individual sets goals for personal wealth and success, takes personal initiative, he or she doesn’t wait for things to come to them.  They strike out with a great idea and they create something.  For instances, Bill Gates and Steve Job changed the way we live our lives by the invention of PCs and Apple computers.  They took personal initiative.  They didn’t wait for the wealth to be “spread to them”, they created an idea which created wealth. The world moved forward.

I was on a flight coming home from a business trip a few years back and I sat next to a very nice older man.  He told me he was 80 years old.  He was on my flight to visit his son who is a Doctor.  He was a fascinating man.  He had worked for General Foods all his life.  He and his team of people took personal initiative and create a new food product called Cool Whip.  It made General Foods millions!  That in turn increased his wages, retirement plan and bonuses.  And, Pie was never the same again!  The world moved forward.

If everyone waited for the wealth to be spread and didn’t use personal initiative the world would slow down completely.  Eventually, there wouldn’t be any successful people to take their wealth away from them.  Why would anyone choose to work only to have all their efforts transferred to those that don’t?  Productivity stops.  The world slows.

Napoleon points out in this 10 minute video that all the previous 8 success principals hinge on personal initiative.  A quote that really hit home for me was “Big success is made up of a great number of little circumstances which are so small and seemingly not worthy of notice.”  In my mind that says if we choose to be successful sometimes even the smallest things can keep us on that road if we take our own personal initiative to make it happen.

If you enjoy this video and feel it would be informative to your network of “peeps” don’t hesitate to spread the blog around!  Also, come tweet with me on twitter.  I am listed as NanMcAdam.  I would enjoy getting to know you!  🙂

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