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Prosperity – Life’s Little Goodie Box


The buzz word in today’s world is prosperity.  Everyone is talking about it. There are many “gurus” that want to sell you “the secrets” to prosperity. What does “prosperity” mean to you?  Stop for a moment and think about it.  How will you know when you are prosperous?
It is a human condition to always want to be more and have more.  Some people believe that it is “wrong”.  They see the poor and underprivileged as the people who deserve to have more.  Their feelings of sympathy for the less fortunate is noble.  But, sometimes these feelings color their emotions and give them feelings of guilt for having more and being more.

If you are reading my blog you are a person that enjoys self improvement.  You have that desire for success  and to be more than who you are right now.  I also have that desire.  Have you wondered why you have that desire?  Could it be the pull from the Divine?

Let’s get back to prosperity.  Have you decided what it means to you?  Take a brief moment and write it down.  Look at it.  How would your life be different if you achieved what you have just written down?

I have a 3 X 5 card holder that a friend made me that looks like a butcher block table, complete with mini bowl and rolling pin.  It was designed to be used in my kitchen.  Any one that knows me will tell you that my kitchen isn’t my most favorite place to hang out, for cooking.  Instead, I have it sitting on my desk and every week I find a quote that rings true to me and it goes on that little holder to be pondered.  This week, I came across a quote that I don’t know who wrote it, but it says “The Secret to having it all, is believing that you do.”  Read that again.

Let’s apply it to what you have written down about your own personal prosperity.  If you already had your idea of prosperity, what would your life look like?  What would you be doing?  Would you act differently?  Close your eyes for a moment and picture in your mind what that would be like.

When you do that little exercise, if you feel a sense of peace and happiness you have stumbled on to something.  I am not going to tell you at this point that all you have to do all day to achieve this is to sit on your meditation cushion and think happy thoughts about this.  I am going to tell you to get an action plan on how to accomplish this.  All you can control in your life is your attitude and your activity.  But that is enough.

To continue on our journey of self improvement to enrich our lives, I have found and exceptional tool.  It is something you should check out.  Bob Proctor has a program that you can received a 6 minute message every day to help you stay focused.  The messages are educational and motivational.  Bob Proctor is a giant in the self help industry and he is willing to spend 6 minutes a day with you!  How cool is that?!  Check it out here!

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