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Robert Kiyosaki – 10 Tips on How to Become Wealthy

December 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

robert kIt is a known fact, rich and successful people think differently than the average person.  There is a reason why they have accumulated wealth and have numerous successes they can lay claim to.  You have probably hear the phrase “money attracts money”.  It is not the money that attracts, it is the mindset of wealth that attracts money.

Robert Kiyosaki is a man that speaks his mind, especially when it comes to growing wealth.  You may like him, you may not, he really doesn’t care.  He does care about preaching the good news about how to acquire wealth.  Most successful and wealthy people have gone past the accumulation of wealth stage, they have it.  They have moved into the mindset of helping others do what they, themselves, have already done, for the betterment of all.

Robert is a self made man.  He didn’t graduate from an expensive college with a degree in finance.  He says he gained his knowledge of finance on the streets.  He is very open that he always wanted to be rich.  It was his life’s goal.  Did he want it because of the things he could buy, or because of the life he could lead?

He was lucky early in his life to have a wealthy and successful mentor that cared to pass his knowledge on to Robert.  That was his “rich dad”.  He says that his “rich dad” was only the beginning of his quest to find teachers and mentors that he could learn from.

My objective in presenting this 5 minute video is not to preach any investment strategy.  It is to put the spotlight on Robert’s attitude regarding wealth and success.  It is our attitudes and belief’s about success and money that dictate our income level.  Robert says you have to make a decision about which side of the fence you wish to reside, rich or poor, before you can become rich.  Have you made that decision?

If you feel this information has value, feel free to pass it around.

Here’s some links to Robert’s books.

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