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Sean Stephenson – Living a Life of Vision

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Sean StephensonWe, humans, are amazing creatures.  We can choose how to experience our lives.  Life will happen to us.  Every life has joy and pain.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  It is our belief system, who like the Great Wizard of Oz, sits behind the black curtain  running our individual programs of what choose to see on our life screen.

Every day, we have decisions to make about how we choose to live our lives.  What we decide is driven by our  own individual vision for our lives.  We have opportunities to live our lives small and stay in our own little fiefdoms of influence.  Or, we can choose to live large, beyond the scope of our individual lives and to be a benefit to all man kind.  No one will fault you for your choice.

We don’t get a choice on whether we will experience pain in our lives.  That comes in the package called living.  What we do have a choice of is how we will see that pain.  Will it be something that is a burden to be endured?  Is it possible to see it as a gift?  I know in my own life, the times of greatest pain have become my biggest blessings.  As Sean Stephenson says, “find the purpose to your pain and you will find the drive to go through it to the other side.”

Many of you know Sean Stephenson.  He is an amazing, insightful man.  Many people introduce him as the “3 foot giant”.  He is not only unique in the size of his human body, but in the size of the experiences his vision has chosen for his life.  Because of the vision for his life, he has had the opportunity to mentor with people like Tony Robbins and President Clinton.  He is an author and motivational speaker.  He has written a book called, Get Off Your “But”, which has earned a 5 star rating on Amazon.  He writes an insightful blog called Living at Cause.  He has participated and been voted one of the best speakers at the Engage Today 2009 Event where he shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Stephen Covey to name a few.

I have a 7 minute video from a speech he gave at Purdue University.  He has some great insights into living a life with vision.

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