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Success – Are You Ready to Rumble?


Most of us have dreams and goals.  Unless, of course, you have become a dull, disillusioned, dead butt.  That is a choice.  I personally prefer dreams and goals.

Having said that, there are times in our lives where we might feel like we have become dull and disillusioned.  If you enjoy self improvement and are reading this blog, I would guess that if you ever feel this way, it is only temporary.

How do we achieve our goals and dreams?  First of all you have to be willing to fight every day for them.  I don’t mean grab a gun and go blast people.  I am talking about fighting the robbers of our dreams.  They come in the form of procrastination, frustration, negative people, loosing focus, and lack of self discipline.  Pretty hefty stuff, right?  This is a blog post not an ebook so let’s take little bites of the issue.

Have Goals You Can Measure and Monitor

Most people don’t have a focus.  They know they would like to have something, but it is vague and unfocused.  If you are wanting help from the metaphysical or physical means you must know what you want.  WRITE IT DOWN!  I can not stress that enough.  I was going through the Mind Movie creation booklet yesterday to update my own personal mind movie and I was re-impressed (if that is a word) on how this simple exercise helped me crystalized my goals and dreams.  That feature alone is worth the small amount spent on the program.  I hope you take the time to look at the website and down load the free premade movies.  The premade movies are amazing!

Do Something Every Day to Move Forward Towards Your Goals

Read over your goals every day.  When your goals are written down it is so much easier to look at them in concrete form.  I guarantee, that if you miss the step of written goals your success will be limited.  Do something every day to move towards your goals.  When you do something, even if it is a small movement towards your goals, you  are creating momentum.

Honestly Evaluate Your Actions You Have Taken Towards Your Goals

Get in the habit of sitting down at night to critique your day and prioritize your next day.  This can be done before you leave your work for the night.  This will help you conquer the dreaded disease of procrastination and it keeps you in touch with your progress.  Be a loving but tough critic of your progress.

Play Full Out

What do I mean by that?  Simply, go after your goals with everything you have.  We are only have this one life, right now.  When you are working at your goals give it all you have.  Extraordinary things are created by extraordinary effort.

Put yourself in the position to fall in love with your dreams over and over.  Whether you use Mind Movies, Visualization techniques, Vision Boards, or Dream Shopping.  Whatever it takes to help you remember what juiced you up about your goals in the first place.

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