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Success Principal #3 – Napoleon Hill – Going the Extra Mile

November 18th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In society today, there are a great number of people that haven’t learned the principal Napoleon Hill is talking about today.  If a person doesn’t master this principal, there can’t be an exceptionally successful life in store for them.  The successful people who make it a life style of “going the extra mile” will, not only, have above average success available to them, but there are other intangible benefits that follow right along with it.  The feelings of pride in a job well done and knowing that you have given your best. 

There are many signals being sent to people through the media, movies, television shows, etc. that promotes the “slacker” mentality.  We, as a society, are rewarding these people with a life time of hand outs and entitlement programs that further entrench the “do nothing” attitude.  Obviously, if you are taking the time to read a self improvement blog you have the desire to be more and have more in your life.  You are the one that will benefit from Napoleon Hill’s principal #3.  The QQMA formula will reap you the “law of increasing returns”.

I hope you enjoy this video.  Leave me a comment on how you have used this princiapl or how you plan use it.  It is a little over 9 minutes long.  If you feel that your network of people could benefit from this please feel free to pass it on!

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