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The 3 Priorities to Achieve Balance for a Happy, Successful Life

September 21st, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have worked in the business world for many years.  The saddest thing I have witnessed is to see someone who has work very hard, spending the majority of their time creating a successful career.  They finally reach that pinnacle of success in their career that they were striving for and they look around and that’s all they have.  Their marriage and family is gone, kicked to the curb by over focusing on their career.  They had lost all sense of balance.  They have achieved the dream career, but their life is in ruins.

Some people, actually,  use the above scenario as an excuse to not succeed.  They don’t want to put in the time and hard work it takes to succeed because they don’t want to lose what is precious to them.  I believe you can have it all.  I have witnessed it.  I know many successful people who have grabbed the brass ring in their career and have a solid life with their partner and kids.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have seen plenty of the first scenario.  But, it be challenging,  to say the least, but it can be done!

If someone achieves their dream success in their career, but loses their family and is spiritually bankrupt, are they really successful?  Creating a successful life begins by prioritizing the important things in life.  The successful people, I have seen, prioritize their top three things in this order.

1.  Spiritual – they have an active relationship with their God or what ever they call their creator.  They model their lives by the laws and teachings of their spiritual faith.  I don’t believe that a certain religion creates more successful people.  They may not even be affiliated with a religion.  Successful people realize there is something larger than themselves.  They acknowledge it and worship in their own way. Their communication with their spiritual side is their first priority.  Face it, faith and hope come from a strong spiritual connection.

2.  Family – isn’t this who we are working for?  If we really prioritize our families we will find the time to spend with them.  The time might not be quantity, but it should be quality.  Four hours of watching TV with the wife/husband and the kids is not quality time.  The key is, the time you spend with them should have all your attention. Schedule them in your planner and keep that appointment no matter what crisis happens at work.  If we have a great career but lose the closeness with our spouse and children, what have we gained?  When we always short change our family for our career, they aren’t really the priority they should be.  Our families should be our “why” for success.  When we move into the winter of our lives, our families will be the ones who keep us warm.

3.  Business – I am not naive enough to believe, when creating a successful career, we will always be in balance.  Project deadlines and business growth accelerations can take us out of balance.  When this happens, communication with our top two priorities is in order.  Our family, will understand short changing their quality time only if it doesn’t become the norm.

It is fun and exciting to build a successful career!  It should be the monetary means to build a successful life, not the life.

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