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The Dirty Little Secrets of Passion


There seems to be a disease that has plagued our species since the beginning of time.  It has caused more death and destruction than any natural disasters known to man.  It continues to plague our planet, in spite of our scientific and spiritual discoveries.  What is this disastrous thing?

It is our passion to be “right”.  I am not talking about making a right turn or being on the political right.  I am writing about our need to have our opinion be the only correct one.  Many wars have been fought over who’s idea of God is correct.

Does it really matter who’s idea is correct?  If someone believes something that they hold dear to them, why do they need to make sure I believe the same way?  I am not saying that a healthy debate is not important.  In fact, if a debate is triggered over a belief it doesn’t have to escalate to destructive proportions. Most ideas that are important can be discussed without the need to be forceful.

Could it be that if we can’t convince someone that we are right and they are wrong that it takes away the power of our belief?  Or is it that if we can’t convince someone that we are right that it robs us of our self worth?

Maybe, when we feel so much emotion about something, it spills over and we want to tell everyone about it.  Our passion is so strong that we want everyone to believe the same as we do.

There is a lot to be said for passion.  When someone is emotionally connected to something they are willing to fight and die for that passion.  Passion is what moves our soul.  When we are using our passion in our career path we are unstoppable.  It guarantees the energy required to pursue our passion until the job is done.

Donald Trump says that  passion is the number one secret to success.  He should know.  He has had numerous failures and successes.  So, when does passion take that nasty turn and become the desire to prove, above all reason, that you are “right”?

I have known many passionate people that believed so strongly in their quest that they have built hugely successful businesses.  They act differently, walk differently and people react differently to them.  Their passion is their fire.  They show people their passion in everything they do.  That passion is healthy and vibrant.

Then there is the passion that is so dark and twisted that people are willing to fly airplanes into buildings.  They are willing to strap bombs to their chests and take large groups of people with them in their fiery deaths.

When does passion become wrong when we feel so strongly that it has to be right?  Could it be the focus of our passion?  Could it be, when we are focused on destruction  instead of creation?  Is it our desire to be “right” at all cost that leads to the darkness, especially when it costs others their lives or their self worth?

I believe that if you can focus your passion for the “betterment of all” you will direct it to something positive.  You will join the ranks of those passion focused people that believe so strongly that they won’t rest until they build something of worth.  Something that changes the world and makes it better for all who inhabit it.  As the quote in Star Wars, The Phantom Menace says, “always remember your focus determines your reality.”

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