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The Secret Place of Motivation

September 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Where is the secret place of motivation?  Why do I refer to it as the secret place?  Many people are searching for it and at times it can be quite allusive.

Sometimes, we feel the need to push ourselves to try and reach the motivation.  But, self motivation is a flow.  It is not something that can be forced.  The forcing causes it to slip away like reaching for a ball in a pool of water that is just beyond our finger tips.

Stephen Pierce has said that motivation is “the fuel in the engine of our lives that helps us to take action on ideas and sustain action when our commitment to succeed becomes challenged”.  But, most people fear that action in the wrong direction can prove to be disastrous.  It must be the right action.  They become consumed by the collection of information so that they can take the right action and thus become immobilized by procrastination.  That is called paralysis through analysis.  That is the biggest enemy of motivation.  The only way to fight that is to take action, even in small steps toward your worthwhile goal.  We don’t have to understand it all at once.  The information will come as we become ready for it.  We have to get beyond that paralysis by focusing on what we are going to do, not what we are going through.

Once you have determined your path of action, in what you have deemed important, brace yourself for adversity.  It will happen.  One of the best quotes I have heard about adversity is, also, by Stephen Pierce when he says, “Adversity is life’s gym where we do strength training to build the type of emotional, mental and spiritual muscle to be the victor over circumstances and not the victim.” 

We would all like to be in that special place where the champions of life reside.  It is a worthwhile place to be.  It also is a place that has to be earned.  To earn that place means doing today what others won’t so you can have tomorrow what others don’t.  When you have made the decision to rise up to the champion place you will be tested by the fires of fear, uncertainty, doubts, critics, and mega distractions.  It will seem that life is hell bent on derailing you!  Anything to try to take you off the path of Big Momentum or Big Mo.

When those things in life take you off the path of momentum, don’t beat up on yourself.  It’s time to dust yourself off and start again.  Re-aquaint yourself with your passion.  Fight procrastination by finding a way to hold yourself accountable.

I have been checking into, Gary Ryan Blair aka the Goals Guy, 100 Day Challenge.  I have read his free Big Bang Report and watched his video.  I am impressed by what I have read and seen.  For those of us that are goal oriented and are dead set on occupying the special place of champions, this 100 day challenge is something we must do!  It has all the earmarks of accountability and focus that is so very important in our quest for excellence.  The 100 Day Challenge will launch on September 23rd but now is the time to do your leg work.  Check into this, read his free report and watch his free video.  Find out if this is something that will help you in your quest.  Be ready to jump on it on launch day.  Now is the time to be in front of the wave that is coming!  Being behind the wave will leave you out to sea watching others surfing that wave of motivation and achievement as you wait for another chance.

If you would like to know more about setting and achieving goals check out our free 7 day goal setting course  Click here!

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